Brummie lads Ivory Wave are set to release their next single Separate Beat on 1st May, with it already receiving airtime on BBC Introducing West Midlands. They recently played their first London gig and 2017 is looking to be a huge year for them; with this being their 3rd single release since forming, and it could be their best yet.

We chatted with frontman George ahead of the release to find out more.

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves and your roles in the band?

We’re Ivory Wave from Birmingham, I’m George the singer, Luke plays bass, Connor plays guitar, Seb plays drums and Rob plays synths and keys.

You’ve recently played your first London gig, is there anywhere new you’d like to play in the next few months?

Yeah London was maaad, We’d really love to play Brighton as we know there’s a great musical heritage there Also I’d love to play the Thekla in Bristol as the venues actually on a ship. That just seems like a mad place to play to me.

How has your local music scene helped you with getting to where you are now?

The scenes always been great for us, it’s the same great group of people that go to all the gigs in the city It’s like one big family really

So your new track comes out on May 1st, could you give us an idea of the sort of sound you went for?

It’s the cross between indie guitar driven music and the dance music that we’ve been striving to recreate for a while now. I definitely feel like this is our best track to date that we can proudly say ‘this sounds like ivory wave’ and nothing else.

Who helped you produce the track?

Matt Terry from Vada Studios produced the track for us, he’s worked with the likes of The Enemy and newer bands such as White Room and Cupids.

Can we expect an EP from you guys anytime soon?

Yes that’s definitely in the pipeline for us in the near future!

How did you guys all meet?

Luke and Connor knew each other from playing in bands a few years back. I met Luke by playing in a band in Brum but me and him always talked about creating a band that bridges the gap between the genres of hip hop, dance music and guitar music so after a few months me and him wrote a few demos and Ivory Wave was born. I knew Seb through college and I used to work with Rob’s brother and he heard me talking about wanting a keyboard player in my band and passed me on to Rob.

Have any artists or tracks been influencing you guys lately?

Me and Luke really like the white room at the moment, we also really like the new track by Franko Fraize ‘lines’.

What would be your dream gig lineup?

Kasabian, NWA, Real lies

Where would you like to be as a band in 18 months time?

Who knows what time will bring for us, it’s definitely all up for us at the Minute with all the gigs we’re playing, it’s really exciting for us.

Who would you say is the funniest in the band?

Luke, the kids a nutcase

Describe your sound in a few words!

Groove groove groove!!

Cheers guys! Best of luck with the release.

Separate Beat will be released on May 1st, to keep up to date, follow them on social media: