BLUSH, a four piece band from Essex, are releasing their new single on Friday 12th May.  The track, named Love Snob, is upbeat and rocky and the band has been described as a mix between Bruno Mars and Blondie.

love snob

BLUSH have said that they “wrote the entire song in one sitting just together as a band and didn’t leave the room until it was done” and it was “one of the most straightforward songs we have ever written”

Love Snob is a statement about the nature of intense relationships and their capacity to catapult you between euphoria and despair without any sense of control.” – A quote from the band.

A catchy chorus and lively rhythm is paired with lead singer, Ben’s, clear vocals that give off an edgy vibe.  Love Snob is the fourth single from BLUSH, with their other tracks Crying GlitterWRNG, and Daggers have caused the band to rise in popularity over the last few months. I’m sure that they will keep rising in popularity and are one to keep an eye out on!

Listen to Love Snob on Soundcloud and make sure you watch it’s music video (made by Foxglovv) over on YouTube.

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Words by Jodie Aikman