Lemon To A Knife Fight // The Wombats Track Review

The Wombats are back again, baby.

Lemon To A Knife Fight is their first single to be released from upcoming album Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life and, if this track is anything to go by, the album should not disappoint.

It undeniably sounds like The Wombats, but more grown up. Still catchy, still witty and down-to-earth, but something about the pared back guitar sounds and slower groove adds a layer of polish to this track. Perhaps it’s the fact that this song was quickly written after an argument between Murph and his wife that gives this song that more adult feel, but it still manages to retain that poppy childishness which we’ve come to love and expect from the Liverpool trio. This track is definitely a good sign of progression without losing sight of their distinctive sound.

In true Wombats fashion, this tune is an earworm and has been on repeat for days. Even on the first listen, I was singing along with the chorus by the end of the song: it passed the ultimate test.

Until the next release.

Harri x


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