Plymouth garage-rock trio, School Disco have made their first release of 2018, Greenman.

2017 was a massive year for the band, seeing them land support with Wolf Alice in Tavistock, play countless shows across the UK, and really start to push their name out there. It also saw them setting up their own self-titled festival – School Disco Festival – which aims to celebrate some of the finest musical talent in the South-West.

Greenman is the first self-recorded track from the band, partly produced by Andrew Girdler. It takes a clear post-punk, dreamy approach, incorporating keyboards and synthesisers in a large way. Setting off with a mixture of rapid guitars and percussion, the track soon introduces a mixture of trippy sound effects and filthy riffs, bringing me to think of packed venues and bright lights; it’s definitely one to get the crowd buzzing.

Photography by: Max Searl

If you couldn’t already tell by the name… Greenman is inspired by space, from the sound effects to the lyrics. Lead vocalist and guitarist Rory told us much of the influence came from from 50s/60s horror films such as ‘Invasion of the body snatchers’ and ‘It came from outer space'” which is highlighted in the ethereal sound effects and the slightly ‘cheesy’ lyrics matching up to the way these films are seen in the modern day.

Greenman is a proper groovy tune which symbolises just how far the band have come since the release of their debut EP.

It is evident how dedicated School Disco are, not only to their own music, but also the music scene as a whole especially in the South-West; I’m certain this will see them go far.

Listen to the track here: 

ALL PHOTOGRAPHY COURTESY OF MAX SEARL: Instagram: @maxsearl | Website: