Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Dylan John Thomas is an indie solo artist, and recently released debut single ‘Nobody Else’.

The release of the single marked the start of his UK tour in support of fellow Scot, Gerry Cinnamon. Having followed in Cinnamons’ foot-steps, with his lack of media attention or label backing Thomas is aiming to replicate his success and so far he is surely doing that. On Saturday night (23rd March 2019), the second night of the tour at Liverpool Mountford Hall,  held one of the bigger crowds for a support act I have seen for a long time, with the venue nearly at capacity and the crowd in full voice.

‘Nobody Else’ is a mellow indie song, with a very catchy tune throughout. There are hints of influences and a similarity to both Jake Bugg and Louis Berry, with the use of acoustic guitar and a husky, raw voice.

Having done multiple live sessions, surely there is only a matter of time until we get the next instalment of music from this promising young artist. Being announced as ‘This Feeling’ track of the day; included on Spotify ‘New Music Friday’ playlist and touring with Gerry Cinnamon can only help raise awareness.

*Featured photo taken from Dylan John Thomas’ Facebook page.