Just over a year since their sell out Manchester Academy 2 headline show, in which a 950 capacity room was packed out, No Hot Ashes return to the limelight in a more humbling settling.

They’ve chosen the first venue they ever played in Manchester some 5 years ago. An intimate venue tucked away in the Northern Quarter, AATMA hosts their return whilst they introduce a familiar audience to a taster of new material. As the crowd come into the room, the sounds of MF Doom, OutKast and DJ Pied Piper warm up the audience quicktime, and they’re ready to go.

The lights dim and the band run up onstage promptly, to an eruptious applause. “We are No Hot Ashes and we are back!” exclaims front man Isaac before him and Luigi start cutting their guitars for the intro of an alternate version of their 2017 single Bellayaches, and with little delay before drums and bass kick in; filling the room with sound. The crowd get into it straight away, bouncing around and lifting each other up in celebration of the band’s return.

As we groovily move into the set (just like Isaac’s hands dance around during Smooth), we are then introduced into some new music from the band, first offering being Hey Cassanova which shows the band are still up for experimenting with their sound – offering an almost indie-folk, Mac Demarco vibe with a more upbeat tempo. We are then introduced to new songs Car and E.T., in which Isaac announces they will feature on the debut album they have in the works. The new songs go down exceptionally well, not once interrupting the audiences energy as they continue to move erratically.

They also managed to play tracks off their latest EP Skint Kids Disco, with the self titled track and especially Eight Til Late being highlights of the set. However, despite constant calling from the audience for Bad Crowd, the band are having none of it, and are sticking to their own thing. The band play a total of 6 new songs tonight and it is their politically charged track about Brexit that mostly appeals to me (despite never wanting to hear that word again). In another new track Indecision… Intermission, the chorus pronounces “It’s what you think about, It’s what you drink about, indecision, intermission” and the punchy flow of the song shows a bit of rap influence in there


For the usual closer of the set, Goose gets everybody joining the band onstage with the merch guy setting off confetti cannons too, and it is a celebratory return for the most exciting band from Stockport right now. With the buzz from tonight, it’s hard not to be buzzing for a first No Hot Ashes album.



Easy Peeler

Hey Cassanova (new)


E.T. (new)


Car (new)

Skint Kids Disco

W.Y.N.A (new)

Cool Cat

Indecision/Intermission (new)

Eight Til Late

Salbutamol (new)




Photography: @Sam_Crowston_ (Twitter)