London-based trio From The Cave released their new single Get A Life earlier this month.

The track has a very unique, almost dystopian vibe to it. With a catchy rhythm and ethereal vocals, it takes a range of different genres and combines them; something From The Cave do extremely well throughout their music. It particularly brings hip-hop and indie vibes to the table, and the lyrics creatively stem from an ‘Online Voice Generator’.

“So I experimented with this idea of the robot lecturing me, or telling me off. It was something along the lines of “you’re worthless, and your band sucks”. Most of the words ending up becoming lyrics in ‘Get A Life’.

From The Caves’ well developed sound takes much influence from each of their individual music tastes and it’s clear they work well together to produce music they are all on board with.

Get A Life is a good reflection of the bands’ “anything-goes music tastes and influences” and comes from their upcoming EP which is set for release on April 30th.

You can listen to the track here:


From The Cave have over 4 years of gigging in and around the London scene under their belts, along with playing a number of sets outside the UK. They have two London gigs coming up later this month:

  • Wed 17 Apr – Sebright Arms, London.
  • Thurs 18 Apr – The Bread & Roses, London

Keep up to date with releases and gigs via their Facebook.