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NEW MUSIC: BLUSH release single called Love Snob

BLUSH, a four piece band from Essex, are releasing their new single on Friday 12th May.  The track, named Love Snob, is upbeat and rocky and the band has been described as a mix between Bruno Mars and Blondie.

love snob

BLUSH have said that they “wrote the entire song in one sitting just together as a band and didn’t leave the room until it was done” and it was “one of the most straightforward songs we have ever written”

Love Snob is a statement about the nature of intense relationships and their capacity to catapult you between euphoria and despair without any sense of control.” – A quote from the band.

A catchy chorus and lively rhythm is paired with lead singer, Ben’s, clear vocals that give off an edgy vibe.  Love Snob is the fourth single from BLUSH, with their other tracks Crying GlitterWRNG, and Daggers have caused the band to rise in popularity over the last few months. I’m sure that they will keep rising in popularity and are one to keep an eye out on!

Listen to Love Snob on Soundcloud and make sure you watch it’s music video (made by Foxglovv) over on YouTube.

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Words by Jodie Aikman



LIVE REVIEW: The Kooks – O2 Academy Bournemouth

The Kooks are nearly at the end of their (completely sold out) ‘The Best Of’ tour, and I had the absolute pleasure of being able to see them in Bournemouth on May 6th. The well loved foursome have been playing all over the country this past month as they build up to the release of their new album ‘The Best Of… So Far’ on May 19th.


The set featured all of The Kooks’ most loved songs; and the crowd were ecstatic for every song. The sold-out night had a mix of old favourites, B-Sides and even some new songs. I overheard one guy say “This song is such a banger!”, and his friend simply replied; “Mate, all their songs are bangers!”, which I think is a perfect description! Crowd favourites definitely included ‘She Moves In Her Own Way’, ‘Always Where I Need To Be’, and ‘Junk Of The Heart (Happy)’. I personally loved the acoustic song ‘Seaside’ because whilst listening to it – everyone singing and swaying along – I could see how much the audience loved the band. I think it portrayed what music is really about – building a relationship between fans and performers whilst delivering a message and the sense of unity.

High energy and groovy songs got the crowd dancing and the entire night was a really fun and happy experience. Nostalgia filled the air throughout, as fans heard their favourite songs from 10 years ago being performed, but it’s safe to say that those songs are probably still favourites to this day! The gig ended on arguably the bands’ most popular and well known song – ‘Naive’.

After 13 years of being a band, The Kooks have really sustained such a solid and great fan base, and there was a whole lot of love and appreciation in the 1800 capacity venue that night.

The Kooks have just announced that they will be going on tour again in November and December of 2017, and I highly recommend going to see them as it was a great experience! Tickets go on sale Friday 12th May.

Words by Jodie Aikman

NEW MUSIC: Lights Out by Royal Blood

The rock duo royal Blood are back with an explosive track called ‘Lights Out’.  The single was released on April 13th; two and a half years after the release of their self-titled debut album back in 2014.  It has also been announced that the band will release their second album, named ‘How Did We Get So Dark?’, on June 16th.

The intro to ‘Lights Out’ certainly fits Royal Blood’s recognisable sound and style, a fierce bass and steady but strong drum introduce the song alongside singer Mike’s clear vocals.  It’s nice to hear the familiarity in this song, and the band haven’t succumbed to any mainstream music trends; they know how to make good music and they’ve stuck with it.

The chorus is memorable and the lyrics have a deeper meaning.  The lines “You’re not so hard to forget, With all the lights out” are saying that despite all this girl’s beauty, she doesn’t possess any other memorable qualities.  The bridge is a heavy drum solo that drops into a fierce but funky bass solo; a slightly new sound from Royal Blood.

Royal Blood are a band that proves that less can be more (in terms of instruments), with their simple and brilliant rock songs always proving to be quality.  ‘Lights Out’ has certainly impressed us all and leaves us excited for their new album.  You can see the band on their tour next month, read about it here.

Watch the ‘Lights Out’ video here.

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Words by Jodie Aikman

5 New Songs To Check Out

Here are some fresh new songs that have been released this week that you should definitely check out!

Dreaming by Bad Nerves


This upbeat and energetic song was released on March 24th by London 4 piece band Bad Nerves.  It’s certainly short but sweet, as it’s only two minutes long, however the summery vibes make up for this.  I can’t wait to hear what else this band will release in the future!  Find Bad Nerves on twitter @BADBADNERVES

Hotel Apathy by The Magic Gang

the magic gang ep three

Hotel Apathy is a song from The Magic Gang’s third EP, cleverly named “EP Three”.  The Brighton quartet released this EP on March 24th.  Hotel Apathy is a bit of a slow song, but it still has the same feelgood indie sound that is familiar with this band.  Follow The Magic Gang on twitter @_TheMagicGang

I Like To Smile When I’m Sad by FREAK


This fast paced and rocky song was released on March 24th by one man band FREAK, who is from Chelmsford.  The loud and punky sound will be sure to get your head banging along.  Follow FREAK on twitter @FREAKalt

Animal by Wavves

animal by wavves

Californian quartet Wavves released Animal on March 22nd.  Despite it’s upbeat sound, the lyrics are darker and deeper – very typical of Wavves.  The surfer-esque indie vibes works brilliantly with the addition of some heavier guitar riffs and a strong chorus.  It sure is a song perfect as the weather starts warming up!  Find Wavves on twitter @wavves

Blossom by Milky Chance

blossom by milky chance

The final song featured on this list is Blossom by Milky Chance, which was released March 17th.  This track is from their new album, also named Blossom.  The German trio continue their relaxed nu-folk sound in this chilled track.  Follow Milky Chance on their twitter @MilkChance


Words by Jodie Aikman

INTERVIEW: Joe Symes and the Loving Kind

I spoke to Liverpudlian trio Joe Symes and the Loving Kind, about their favourite gigs and their new album.

Can you introduce yourselves and tell us how you all met?

[Joe]: I’m Joe, Singer/songwriter/harmonica player of the band. Myself & Colin have been friends for many years now and we played in a few different bands in the city, Andy joined the band through an advertisement when we needed a bass player.
[Colin]: I’m Colin the drummer/percussionist and backing vocalist. As Joe said, we’ve know each other for years through previous things we done. We met Andy through an add we put up.
[Andy]: I’m Andy, and I’m the bass player. I met the lads by chance. I found myself between bands, so was looking to get playing quick and found an ad looking  for a bass player urgently. I thought, “That’s a bit of me,” and the rest is history.

Last year you played Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds Aftershow Party, how did that feel ?

[Colin]: Always great to play a venue like the 02. We suit those venues right down to the ground.
[Joe]: Yeah it was awesome to headline the main stage of the 02 Academy 1 again in Liverpool and to be asked play at his aftershow party for a second time.
[Andy]: Yeah, it was good to be involved in it.

Where do you get inspiration for your songs?

[Joe]: The songs come from experience and everyday events for me, sometimes even talking to someone
can trigger off an influence for a song, all kinds of idea’s just come from nowhere.
[Andy]: I couldn’t say really. I play a part that feels right for the song, so I would say me. Ha! Ha!
[Colin]: I always say you are what you eat.

How would you describe your music?

[Andy]: I’d say it was an eclectic mix of styles with a backbone of rock and roll.
[Colin]: Heavy Pop……..well that’s what we’re doing at the moment.
[Joe]: Very honest, we can be very diverse when we need to be, sometimes you would not think we are the same band cause our song writing style changes.

Your new album is coming out later this year, what can we expect from it?

[Joe]: A total departure from our self titled debut album, our first album was an introduction of what we can do
as a band and the range of songs we can present as a band. Our new album will be an out & out rocker. catchy pop songs, melodies & heavy guitar riffs.
[Colin]: As I said, Heavy Pop.
[Andy]: VOLUME!

Who are your musical influences?

[Colin]: My drumming influences are people like John Densmore, Ringo, Art Blakey, Daru Jones, Keith Moon, Mitch Mitchell, Gene Krupa, Phil Collins, Carla Azar, to name a few. 
[Andy]: I grew up listening to Guns N Roses, and Pink Floyd to name a few, so I’d say that Duff McKagan and Roger Waters. I know, opposite ends of the scale. A bit like myself. Ha! Ha! 
[Joe]: Mine are The Beatles first & foremost, i have loads of band’s i could list from the likes of The Velvet Underground to The Who to Motown through to Burt Bacharach, Sex Pistols, The Jam to name a few.

Where can people find your music?

[Joe]: You can find us at our official website which is where you can find up to date information on up & coming gigs, new releases & up & coming releases, merchandise.
[Colin]: We are also on Facebook, Reverbnation, Youtube.
[Andy]: Twitter, Fit4talent, Gigmit.

You’ve supported some pretty great bands and scored some great events, but what was the greatest gig you’ve ever played?

[Joe]: I’ve enjoyed all the gigs we have played up to now, i’m looking forward to playing many more.
[Colin]: Oooh, that’s a tough one. So many to name. 
[Andy]: Phew! There’s been so many. I think Glastonbury or the Whisky A Go Go are in joint top though.
Catch the guys on tour:
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LIVE REVIEW: VANT at O2 Academy Oxford

After the release of their first album ‘DUMB BLOOD’, VANT toured the UK and Ireland, with 12 dates in the short space of two weeks.

I was lucky enough to catch them in Oxford on a rainy Sunday evening, however in their own words from the night “[the crowd] made it feel like a Saturday night”.  The opening act were @blackfoxxes , who livened up the crowd with their alt-rock vibes.

Finally VANT appeared onstage and opened their set with the upbeat and lively Fly-By Alien, and as the opening chords were played the crowd went crazy!  The energy in the room was ecstatic.  The four-piece band played a mix of their well known and well loved songs as well as new songs from their recently released album ‘Dumb Blood’.  Fan favourites like Karma Seeker, Do You Know Me? and Peace & Love.


I loved how energetic the crowd was and you could tell that everyone loved this band because of their political and social outspoken messages.  The band’s lyrics are so passionate and raise awareness of issues dealing with global warming, war and conflict.


VANT finished with Do You Know Me? then returned to the stage with a two song encore featuring Time & Money and Parking Lot.  By the end of the night everyone was a bit worn out but you could feel the adrenaline in the atmosphere.  It’s fair to say that the rain Sunday night certainly felt like a Saturday!

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Words by Jodie Aikman – @jodiejxssica

LIVE REVIEW: Little Comets at O2 Academy Oxford

If you haven’t heard of Little Comets then I suggest you go give them a listen.  I am in love with their indie tunes which make me want to chill out yet somehow dance at the same time! On 9th February I went to see them live at O2 Academy2 Oxford, which just so happened to be the first night of their 13 date tour.

Eliza and the Bear started off the evening and helped to liven up the crowd.  I loved the way that their songs made everyone dance and bop along.  Then they mentioned something about Truck Fest; which caused the crowd to get excited, however it just turns out the were asking for an invitation to perform there!  Their humorous and enthusiastic personality and stage presence help to hype everyone up for the main act.


When Little Comets finally appeared on stage an electric feeling filled the venue.  Everyone started to dance and let themselves be free in the moment – the atmosphere was great.  The crowd sang along to every song and I could tell how passionate the fans were about this band.  Little Comets performed many of their greatest songs including A Little Opus, Jennifer (one of my personal faves), and Joanna.  I enjoyed how they performed some of their new songs, and as it was the first night of tour it was the first time they had been played to a live crowd!

Finally, the bad from Tyne and Wear finished their set with one of their most popular and energetic songs – Dancing Song.  As soon as the familiar intro started to play the crowd was jumping up and down and singing along to every lyric.  It was an ecstatic end to the evening, with the audience leaving with smiles upon their faces.


Catch them on the last few dates of their tour in March, you can get tickets here.

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REVIEW: Meat On My Bones by Bad Sounds

Contrary to what their name suggests, Bad Sounds are an electro/indie/hip-hop band (seriously how do I describe their genre?!), whose songs are catchy and enjoyable.  I had the pleasure of seeing Bad Sounds support Rat Boy back in September, and ever since I’ve loved their music.  Moreover, the crowd loved them too and the venue was filled with good vibes during their set; resulting in an energetic crowd.

The quintet from Bath have just released their new song; Meat On My Bones, and I’m loving the familiarity of the upbeat groovy tune, much alike their other songs.  Last Friday Meat On My Bones was Radio 1 DJ MistaJam’s hottest record in the world.

The song starts with an electric guitar riff, which actually reminds me of The 1975’s introduction to The Sound!  The lyrics are complex using words like ‘oesophagus’ and ‘sarcophagus’; which is actually a stone coffin used in ancient Greek and Egyptian times.  The theme of death is mentioned a few times throughout, however this isn’t apparent as the whole song comes across as vibrant and funky.  You could certainly dance to this tune!  I can’t wait to hear more of Bad Sounds in the future.

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Mac Demarco Releases Two New Songs

Mac Demarco has released two new songs and announced a new album, titled This Old Dog, which will be available on May 5th.  Demarco’s last album Salad Days came out in 2014, then Another One, a mini-album, was released on 2015.

The new songs; My Old Man and This Old Dog, show a new side of Demarco, with a more mellow and acoustic feeling being given off.  Additionally, the tracks seem smoother and more put together than previous albums which sported indie psychedelic, warped sounds.  My Old Man  is a song about discovering who you’ve become and This Old Dog  is about not forgetting the love you’ve had.

Listen to the tracks here:




Track List:

1. My Old Man
2. This Old Dog
3. Baby You’re Out
4. For the First Time
5. One Another
6. Still Beating
7. Sister
8. Dreams From Yesterday
9. A Wolf Who Wears Sheeps Clothes
10. One More Love Song
11. On the Level
12. Moonlight on the River
13. Watching Him Fade Away

Huge Lineup For Benicàssim Festival

The Festival Internacional de Benicàssim have just announced more amazing acts to headline the 4 day festival in July.  Liam Gallagher and Kasabian will be joining Red Hot Chili Peppers and Foals, as well as Blossoms, Slaves and Tyler, The Creator. The €120 (about £100) tickets will provide the fans with good music, the sea and sublime Spanish sunshine.

In previous years the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen, Mac Demarco, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and Blur have been a part of exciting lineups, and this year’s is certainly just as stirring.