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INTERVIEW: Dead Natives

We chatted with Surrey quartet Dead Natives ahead of the release of their debut EP Something Strange.


Hiya! Introduce yourselves?

Hiya! We’re Dead Natives and we consist of members: Liam Dutch (Vocals/Guitar), Robbie Ferguson (lead guitar), Adam Payne (bass), Nick Lemon (drums)

How did you all meet?

Liam and Nick had been playing in the band for a while together then they found Robbie through a sorta tinder style website for band members. Then Adam joined through being mutual friends with Liam and we all just clicked from the word go which has created Dead Natives sound.             

What inspired you to start making music together?  

Just purely our love for music and passion, which we want to share with everyone! 

So your latest EP comes out this Friday, did you have any particular influences? 

Big influences come from bands we all enjoy listening to like Oasis, Blossoms, Catfish and The Bottleman, The Strokes 

Where will the EP be available to download/buy? Will there be any physical copies? 

The E.P will be available to buy on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazing and downloadable and streaming from Spotify, Soundclound. We also have a limited run of CDS at shows with 2 bonus tracks of our previous singles: The Love I Have and Rollercoaster Scream. 

Have you got any gigs coming up in the next few weeks?

  • 13th Worlds End, Finsbury Park
  • 16th Half Moon Pub, Putney (acoustic set)
  • 21st Scream Lounge, Croydon
  • 30th Fidlers Elbow, Camden


  • 10th Cavendish Arms, London
  • 12th Reds Tube Barbecue, Shoreditch
  • 24th Fiddlers Elbow, Camdem 
  • March
  • 11th New Cross Inn, London
  • May
  • 6th Laughing Dog, Brighton Marina 

 Are there any festivals you’re hoping to play this year?

 Nothing on the cards as of yet that we’re playing, but we’d love to be playing the classic Reading/Leeds and Glasto just purely for the opening line Hello Glastonbury and Hello Reading Festival!

Where did the idea behind your name come from? 

The idea of our name is about being disconnected from where you are.

Describe your sound in a sentence! 

Modern day brit-pop with a psychedelic twist. 

What’s your favourite album of all time? 

Adam – Lower Than Atlantis self-titled Album (Deluxe Edition) 
Liam – The Verve – Urban Hymns/ Arctic Monkeys – Humbug
Robbie – Jimi Hendrix – Are You Experienced 
Nick – doppelgänger – The Fall of Troy 

Have you guys got any New Years resolutions? 

Nothing serious like the classics gym membership, just want to get our name out there more and for people to feel the same about our music as we do about others, to create that connection.

What songs would you say are some of your guilty pleasures?

Liam and Adam say anything from Taylor Swift – 1989 
TLC – No Scrubs 
Keep on Moving – FIVE 

Where would you ideally like to be in 5 years time?

Touring up and down the country, selling out shows.
Cheers guys!

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NEW MUSIC: Brighton Band Howland Set to Drop brand new single ‘No Way’

Brighton based HOWLAND are set to release their latest single No Way later this week.


The indie-rock quartet – who formed in the city that brought us bands like The Kooks, Black Honey and The Magic Gang – are one I’ve followed for a while now, and 2017 is looking like it could hold some exciting prospects.

No Way is a follow up to the bands hugely successful track Hide and is due for release on Friday 13th across all major platforms including Spotify, Amazon and Apple Music.

From listening to the first few seconds of No Way, I knew it would grip me from start to finish. The track has a clean, infectious sound to it, drawing you in from the get go; where we hear Tyler Adams’ soft vocals accompanied only by the backing of a single guitar before the drums are introduced.

The track soon builds, giving off an energy that we can only expect will be insane live. From the emotion evoking vocals, to the mix of rumbling guitars and steady drums heard throughout; it’s unquestionable that Howland have in less than a year and a half, developed an arena-esque, anthemic vibe which will sure get them far.

Photography By: Rhona Murphy 

Howland also spoke to us in a small Q & A ahead of the release, read what they had to say here!

Hi Guys! Introduce yourselves? 

 We’re a band called Howland from Brighton and we’re Tyler Adams (vocals and guitar), Lee Vincent (guitar), Joe Barnes (bass) and Jake Saunders (drums).

 How and when did you form?

 We formed about a year and a half ago after meeting in a very long and complicated process that brought us all together.

 Who are some of your main influences?

 We like so many bands between us but to narrow it down to a few big influences it’d be Foals, Biffy Clyro and Catfish and the Bottlemen. The way they perform and fill arenas is a huge influence on us.

 As we know you’re going to drop your new single this week, but can we expect any other material from you in the next few months? An EP maybe?

Our new single is set for release this Friday called No Way! We’re certainly looking at releasing more singles and are in talks of doing an EP but nothing is confirmed yet so you’ll just have to wait and see!

 What are your hopes for 2017?

 We’re hoping to continue growing our fanbase and playing bigger and better shows whilst releasing music that people enjoy.

 If you could play anywhere in the world where would it be?

 I’d say New York (with The Strokes preferably) because its such an insanely cool city and has an amazing music scene.

 Have you got any gigs coming up? 

 We have loads of gigs coming up from January to March including some big headline shows in Brighton on 21st February at The Hope & Ruin and London on 23rd February at The Finsbury. We’re also playing in Bristol, Leeds, Hertford, Southampton and Croydon!

 What are your New Years resolutions?

 We wanna play five new cities this year. We’re already doing Bristol and Hertford so there’s two down.

 Have you got any advice to bands just starting out?

 Tough because we’re just starting out ourselves really but gig everywhere you can and speak to people. Don’t let your ego on stage come off stage with you.

 Describe your sound in a few words?

 Indie guitar bangers.

Thanks lads!

Howland will be playing a number of gig dates -including two headline sets in Brighton and London- throughout February and March to accompany the release; seeing them play cities they’ve never visited before! See the full lineup of dates below.

  • 21st February – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton
  • 23rd February – The Finsbury, London
  • 2nd March – The Stag & Hounds, Bristol
  • 4th March – The Joiners, Southampton
  • 11th March – Verve Bar, Leeds
  • 16th March – The Dog & Whistle, Hertford


Find Howland on social media here:




All Photography by: Rhona Murphy Photography

Kerosene: The new fuel for the RedFaces

The RedFaces are a young indie/alt-rock group who have just released their new single ‘Kerosene’ 

We had a chat with the boys about their new track, their ever-changing influences and their plans for this year.

It’s fair to say the year past was a whirlwind packed with highs and lows which, in retrospect, defined the year. Those who survived 2016 are simply left to pick up the pieces to carry on to this year, in the hope for something better. Thankfully, there’s a band who aim to do just that and are tipped to be one of this year’s true breakthroughs; or as they have been described: “In these dying days, as a brutal 2016 drags itself to a welcome end, guitars can seem rarer than hope. RedFaces are rarer still.”

These young rock n rollers from Sheffield spent last year supporting some of the countries’ top acts, learning their trade the ‘traditional way’ and building their ever-growing fan base. They also performed for sold out home crowds and played a string of summer festivals. Best of all, they have rounded off 2016 by releasing their new, long-awaited, track, Kerosene.

The four lads, (Harry, Isaac, Ryan and Charlie) often joke on social media about their ‘milking’ of their only other release (Katie Come Home); so the fresh music has come as a welcomed new year treat for fans.

The band spoke of the reception the single has received: Brilliant! It’s going really well at the moment, we are so glad to have a new song out for people to hopefully enjoy.”

Kerosene has an intriguingly dark and gritty feel to it which is unrecognisable when sized up against their last song, the boys explained:

“Well Katie Come Home was written a while ago and our influences have inevitably grown and changed so I guess that’s why it sounds different. Also Katie Come Home was only a demo so the production and the sound of the track are different. We feel we have matured and for the better.”

From a young age the band have taken inspiration from the likes of the Beatles and Oasis, however, as they have developed; their spectrum of influencers has progressed; self confessing that they are not resting for a single type of music. The boys said:

“I think we have found a sound that we love but we are always changing, we can’t imagine ourselves just settling on one sound and style for the rest of our lives. We are influenced by bands and writers all the time.”

The youngsters have only just finished their A-levels, however, their accolades surpass some bands who have been around for twice their years.

In 2016 the lads supported both the DMA’s in their Edinburgh show and the Courteeners in their gig at Newcastle. The Sheffield quartet were also included in Spotify’s One to watch playlist and, this week, were featured in Huw Stephens’ BBC Introducing Show.

For this year, the boys will aim to raise the bar even higher, they explained:

We are touring January/February time and with the single out, hopefully we’ll become a bit more established. We hope to have a few more singles out and hit the festival season and do much more than last year. We just plan to do as much as we can!”

Check out their new single Kerosene on Spotify & Catch the RedFaces at one of the following gigs on their UK tour this January/February.

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Stockport indie-rock quartet, NO HOT ASHES were kind enough to do a short Q & A with us after they announced the release of their brand new single; out this February. Have a read of what they had to say below!

NHA Cardiff.jpg
Photography by: Jacob Winter

Who are your members and what do they play in the band?

Hello, NHA consists of Isaac (Vocals,Guitar), Luigi (Guitar,Backing Vox), Jack (Bass Guitar) and Matt (Drums, Percussion)

When and where did you form?

Well the band was formed in Stockport (our hometown) back in 2013 after meeting through school and mutual friends. We then gigged throughout 2013/14 after recording some very rough tracks in Salford but it wasn’t until our current and long term producer (Gavin Monaghan – Editors, JAWS, Ocean Colour Scene) approached us and took a liking to our sound that we set our hearts on becoming a serious band. Isaac & Luigi went to visit Gavin at his Magic Garden Studio in Wolverhampton and in October 2014 we released our first single GOOSE so we like to think that was our first step into the industry.

How did you all meet?

Isaac, Luigi & Matt all met through High School and towards the back end formed NHA Jack later joined NHA through mutual friends. We all grew up in Stockport and have grown up together from the tender ages of 14/15 so it feels like a family.

Who are some of your main influences?

There’s a lot. We all listen to quite a variety. To name a few it would have to be groups such as Parliament, Chic, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Earth, Wind & Fire but more recently bands like Peace, Slaves have really given us some influence. Jack is mad into Dub music so artists like Mungos Hi Fi & Gentlemans Dub Club have influenced the heavy basslines.

What releases have you got in the pipeline?

We announced on New Years Day our new Single Bellyaches will be released this February (date tbc) we were really excited to announce this one and have been sat on the final recording for over 4 months now but we wanted to take our time and plan the release right and get everything we want in order before releasing.


Where can people listen to your music?

We are on all the usual platforms like Spotify, Itunes, Soundcloud etc… (Links below)

Have you got any gigs coming up?

We are currently building up a steady set of gig dates for 2017 cannot wait to get going. Our first gig of 2017 will be in Dublin (Workmans Club, 4th Feb) which will be our first gig in Ireland. All our gig dates can be found on our Big Cartel Site. We hope to announce many more gigs for 2017 over the next month or so.

And finally, describe your sound in a few words!


Thanks lads!

Photography by: Justin Garner

 With their tracks being featured across a range of North-West Radio Stations, and gaining a number of plays on BBC Introducing, No Hot Ashes have already built up a huge following; playing a number of festivals in 2016 and racking up over 200,000 plays on their Spotify alone. 

We look forward to hearing what’s next for the band and we’re sure they’re going to be a huge name to listen out for in 2017.


  • The Workmans Club, Dublin – February 4th
  • The Bureau, Blackburn – February 11th

No Hot Ashes:



Jacob Winter
Justin Garner



London four-piece BLUSH were kind enough to chat with me ahead of the release of the music video for their single Crying Glitter. Having been shown love by the likes of BBC Radio 6 and BBC London with their track Daggers, the bands following is constantly growing. We talked gigging, Halloween and Britney.


Photo: April Arabella

Hiya, introduce yourselves?

[Scott]: I’m from Birmingham and I play the bass guitar.

[Ben]:  Southend Essex, I’m the one at the front.

[Brad]: I’m Manx fella (Isle of Man), lead guitar.

[Matt]: I drum and I’m from Southend too.

How did you all meet?

[Ben]: Matt and I have known each other for years, I met the other 2 in freshers.

When did you decide to form?

[Ben]: We came up with the idea when hungover on a train ride.

Where did your name come from?

[Matt]: I saw an underwear shop and thought it was pretty cool, hopefully we’ll get sponsored do some merch.

Who are some of your main influences?

[Brad]: Matt Healy’s the cats pyjamas.

[Scott]: Childish Gambino.

[Matt]: I don’t know who my biggest influence is but my fave drummer..  probs Stella from Warpaint.

[Ben]: Laura Marling has always been one of my faves.

We’ve heard your track Daggers and we love it! But have you got any more releases in the pipeline?

[Brad]: Just done the video for Crying Glitter, its coming out November time.

What’s been the favourite gig you’ve played?

[Scott]: We played hard rock cafe in september, that was ace.

[Matt]: Yeah we had our first mosh pit at that one.

Have you got any gigs coming up?

[Matt]: Sure do.

[Brad]: Chinnerys in Essex (27th nov) is gonna be mega.

[Scott]: A few London dates, as well as Bristol in December.

[Ben]: Currently trying to book everywhere, I well wanna play a house party.

If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be?

[Ben]: Chinnerys in Essex.

[Scott]: USA.

[Matt]: Machu Picchu.

[Brad]: King Tuts Wah Wah Hut.

What artist/s would you say are a guilty pleasure of yours?

[Scott]: Carly Rae Jepsen, and i’m not even guilty.

[Brad]: Bang Bang – Jessie J.

[Ben]: i spend an embarrassing amount of time listening to Britney.

[Matt]: Tinie Tempah Specifically the 2011 disco-very album.

Oasis or Blur?

[Brad]: deffo Oasis man, all day.

What’s your ideal meal deal?

[Brad]: The old tesco’s chicken and chorizo wrap, and because it’s an ideal world, i’ll have prawn cocktail crisps without breath paranoia.

[Scott]: Chicken and bacon sandwich, Quavers and Fanta Fruit Twist. always.

[Matt]: Probably an all day breakfast triple where you have the three different sandwiches, Tyrells sea salt and black pepper crisps, iced latte, or a flavoured water depending on what I’m vibing, just realised how middle class all that sounds.

[Ben]: Big fan of a co-op meal deal as i think its majorly underrated.

Since halloweens coming up, what’s your favourite horror film?

[Scott]:  Shaun of the Dead

[Brad]: The 2012 classic Arachnoquake

[Matt]: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

[Ben]:  Simpsons Treehouse of Horror x

Finally, describe the bands sound in a sentence!

[Matt]: Someone once said we are ‘indie rock for people who aren’t quite indie yet, but have got beyond the stage of liking The Hunna’.

If you haven’t already done so, go and check the band out on their social media:




Photography by: April Arabella




AMBER are an indie-grunge four-piece from South Wales. I was lucky enough to speak to members Sam and Lewis, and find out a little bit more in an interview. We talked gigs, festivals and meal deals.

1. Introduce yourselves.

Lewis: I’m Lewis, I’m lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist.
Sam: I’m Sam and I play bass and do some backing vocals from time to time too.

2.When and how did you form?

Sam: Lewis and I have always wanted to do a band and attempted many different variations before we met Tom. Lewis and I had for a long time time thought we’d be a two piece but with Tom it was love at first sight.
Lewis: We formed our original line up back in May last year, since then our line up has changed a few times but we’re doing well with our current line up. I met our Drummer Dylan back in September at college, as soon as I told him about the band a few months ago he was instantly interested. He came to one practice session and we just knew he had to be in the band.

3. Who are your main influences?

Lewis: Vocally my inspirations range from the likes of Stevie Wonder to Yannis Philippakis from Foals. It’s really important for me to have a unique tone to my voice and so that’s why I look to such a variety of singers for inspiration.
Sam: I’d say instrumentally it’s got to be a blend of bands like Arctic Monkeys but then at the same time bands like Nirvana and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. That might sound like a really uncomfortable mix, but somehow it ends up working for us as a band and it really is I think a unique sound.

4. Where do you get your inspiration to write from?

Sam: It’s always been really important to us as a band to write as authentically as we can, and so the best way to do that is to look to our own experiences and beliefs and feelings etc. I’ve always found and so do the boys that a song carries itself forward to a much greater extent if the people playing can really relate to what they are playing.
Lewis: We all have different ways of writing our songs and we all write about very different things. For example some of our songs can be as specific as stupid arguments with your girlfriend or as general as any standard night out with your mates. It’s also important to us that our songs aren’t just confined to one single theme and that we branch out lyrically as much as we can.

5. Have you got any releases in the pipeline?

Sam: We don’t tend to plan our releases as such but instead just write as much as we can and if we really feel something with a song and we think it’s good enough we decide there and then to record it and just release it a week or two after. What I can say is that we’re working on shit loads of material at the moment and so it wouldn’t surprise me if we have new songs out very soon.
Lewis: We mainly focus on writing as much material as we can so that we’re basically just spoilt for choice. Right now we’re just focusing on just releasing our best songs individually to get them out there before we even think about things like EPs.

6. Where can people listen to your music?

Lewis: The place most people go to is Youtube but do we also have a Soundcloud. Otherwise, the best place to hear it is live because we guarantee you’ll have a lot more fun- plus you get to see our sexy faces in the flesh.

7. Have you got any advice you can give to others who are just starting up?

Sam: Well we’re still a tiny band in the grand scheme of things so I can’t speak from that much experience but the best advice I can give is that if you are thinking about writing a song, or starting a band or playing a gig etc. then just do it. There’s only a certain amount of time you can really make things like this work and so if you want to do it and have the energy and drive to do it then just do it.
Lewis: Yeah what he said.

8.What’s your favourite gig you’ve played so far?

Sam: Two that stand out for me are our headline gig at Le Pub in Newport and supporting a band called The Fused at Undertone. Both had huge, wild crowds that were just moving constantly throughout the set. The best feeling is seeing someone really enjoy the music that you’ve put ridiculous amounts of time and energy into.
Lewis: Whilst all the gigs are really fun a few do stand out, like Sam said Le Pub and Undertone have both been really good venues and experiences for us as a band. It’s fantastic to see people have as much fun as we are when we’re playing.

9. Have you guys been to any festivals this summer?

Sam: We’ve played a couple, but the band as a whole have been so busy this summer outside the band we haven’t had much time for them. We do all love festivals, though, we’re all going to Reading this month. I just came back from Y Not, our guitarist has been to Bestival and is currently at Wilderness and our drummer’s going to Boardmasters too. As much as we love playing music live, we also love hearing it.

10. What’s your favourite tune to perform?

Lewis: That’s a really difficult question as I love playing our stuff, if I had to choose one though it’d probably be our song Lovesick. It was our first release and we always close with it. When we play it live it never fails to get a reaction from the crowd.
Sam: I probably couldn’t choose one. Our song Sweetness is really fun to play live just because it’s so full of energy and is a bit of a roller-coaster when we play it, but I also really love playing a song we have called Dublin. It’s very different to the others in the set and it’s basically just about going out with your mates and having a wild time, so to see the crowd having a wild time just makes it even better.

11. All time favourite song?

Sam: That’s easy for me- Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division. Granted it’s a pretty obvious song to choose by Joy Division but I just think it’s timeless really. I listen to so much though that I don’t actually listen to that many bands that sound like Joy Division.
Lewis: That’s pretty much an impossible question for me because I listen to so many genres, but one song that I really fucking love is Too Much Love Will Kill You by Queen. I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite song of all time, but I do really love that song in particular.

12. Favourite album of the last 5 years?

Sam: My favourite album of all time is Silent Alarm by Bloc Party, but that’s near ten years old now, and my second favourite is The Suburbs by Arcade Fire which came out in 2010. Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid, m.A.A.d city and Tame Impala’s Currents are two from the past five years that I thought were pretty groundbreaking so I’d have to go for those two.
Lewis: Again this is a difficult question for me to answer, but two albums that have really kicked me in the face over the past five years have been Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories and Great Western Valkyrie by Rival Sons. Fucking bangers mate.

13. Do you prefer cats or dogs?

Sam: Um, I don’t know. If I’m at home I’d rather be cuddled up with a cat on a sofa, but then I wouldn’t want to be one of those people that walk their cats so outside the house definitely dogs. This question’s fucking impossible. I have both.
Lewis: First off, I really like both cats and dogs. On the one hand, I find it great how dogs are happy all the time, yet on the other hand I can’t get this sneaking suspicion out of my head that my cat wants to kill me in my sleep. So I guess it’s gonna have to be dogs.

14. On the topic of the last week or so, what’s your perfect meal deal?

Sam: That’s easy- Egg and cress triple sandwich, bottle of Coke and a bag of Cool Original Doritos. Fuckenn sound matee.
Lewis: Brunch Triple Sandwich, packet of Quavers and a bottle of Fanta Fruit Twist.

15. Finally, describe your sound in a sentence.

Sam: Basically heavy Indie Rock. Which really doesn’t cover it anyway. I dunno, I’m sure you can figure it out if you listen to us.
Lewis: I’ll sum up our sound based on how it makes me feel: FUCK YEAHHHHH

Don’t forget you can find most of the bands material on their Youtube or Soundcloud. Have a listen to Sweetness here:

 Want to hear more and keep updated? Follow the band on social media here:






All-male four-piece, Jewels, are rising stars on the Essex indie rock scene, having recently played London’s Nambucca Holloway, Billericay’s REID’S Bar and Clacton Sea and Beach festival. The boys met in college and, after jamming together, they realised they worked perfectly as a group and formed the band. Since then, Jewels have recorded two tracks, with their latest, Sally set for release in the very near future. With their captivating lyrics and alternative guitar riffs, I strongly believe Jewels have a bright future ahead of them, and to spread my love for them, I thought I’d publish this small interview I had with one of the boys, Sam Musgrove, on Sunday.

Who writes your songs and where do you get the inspiration from?

I usually plant a musical seed and I show the rest of the band, then we jam to it, and 9 times out of ten create a song with it. That is how ‘Sally’ and ‘Glow’ on our single came around. We don’t like to have one sole writer as we like to share each other backgrounds, influences and styles and create songs with each other as we get a really good mix that way. We usually write about things you see, people you meet and the understanding of different things.

How often do you guys rehearse together, and what are your rehersals like?

We rehearse as much as we can, which is usually once or twice week for about 6 hours each time. Dan (our drummer) always takes forever to adjust his kit, so we usually spend about an hour waiting for him to sort his life out Ahahaha. We love him really!

What is your favourite and least favourite venue you’ve performed in?

The Princess theatre was our favourite, the sound was just incredible and the pure size of the stage and the hall was surreal, it was an amazing feeling for us. We did a few shows at the college we formed at and at the time we thought it was great, but after getting out to play london and other places we quickly realised the pond was a lot deeper than college, so college would be our least favourite.

Do you guys have any advice to other small bands or artists wanting to start performing?

Never give up – we know every band says that but seriously never give up, show the music industry you mean business and drop the hottest mix tape of 2016! But in all seriousness, its scary business but just focus on what you want and never take a short cut you will kick your selves in the long run, trust us.

Where do you guys see yourselves in 5 years?

Hopefully doing what we love as thats all we have ever wanted to do, and maybe a cheeky bit of Glastonbury but we’re not fussed, ahah!

What are your individual favourite bands?

Dan (Drums) – White lies

Ryan – (Bass) – The Stone Roses

Sam (lead singer) – Peace

Chris (guitar) – JAWS

From personal experience, these boys are so genuine, down to earth and lovely, and they definitely deserve to become super popular! Go follow their instagram (@jewelsband), like their facebook page and keep your eye out for their new single on spotify and iTunes!

Find the band on social media:





Kaia // @kaia1975

New Music: Sahara


Dundee four-piece SAHARA, were kind enough to talk to me ahead of the release of their self-titled debut EP. We talked new material, favourite albums, and festivals.

1. Hiya, introduce yourselves!

We’re Sahara – Adam (vocals/guitar), Megan (guitar), Keir (bass) and Ally (drums)

2.When and why did you decide to form?

We formed early last year, don’t really know why but probably just because we were all into the same music and were looking to put it to good use somehow.

3. How would you describe your sound?

That’s always a difficult question which we usually leave for listeners to determine themselves, but we’d like to think it’s quite energetic and catchy with our own twist.

4. Who would you say influenced you the most?

Our influences are constantly changing, but overall bands like Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, The Stone Roses and Babyshambles have always been an influence, whether that has been conscious or subconscious.

5. So your debut EP is out on the 29th – without giving too much away, what’s your favourite track on it, and why?

Our favourite on the EP is probably a song called Cough Syrup. It’s the newest track of the 3 and we took it into the studio completely unfinished and Scotty Anderson (producer) was able to do things which improved it so much. I think we only wrote the verses literally the night before the last recording session, so hopefully it’s paid off.

6.Where will the EP be available to download/stream?

The EP will be available on all major platforms: iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play etc. We also have a limited run of physical copies on our Bigcartel (

7. Have you got any gigs coming up?

We’re playing our first festival and first English gig down at Y Not Festival in Derbyshire on Saturday 30th July. We didn’t actually expect to be playing that and it’s just mental to be on the bill with acts like Noel Gallagher, Catfish and the Bottlemen, Circa Waves, Pretty Vicious,  Peter Hook and Rat Boy because they’re all influences and some of our favourite bands. We’re also playing a few gigs in Dundee in August/September – one supporting Baby Strange who we love and another playing a gig for Alan McGee’s Musicians Against Homelessness charity with Hurricane #1, The Mirror Trap and other local bands.

8. Do you plan on writing any new material in the near future?

Yeah, we’ve had a few new songs on the back burner for a while which we’re working on whenever we can. They’ll hopefully be finished for our gigs later on in the year.

9. If you could’ve written any album ever, what would it be?

The Strokes – Is This It. We struggle to find a single flaw in that album! Also Jamie T – Panic Prevention.

10. We all have songs which are a guilty pleasure, what would you say yours is?

Megan – The Swedish Eurovision entry for 2016 (Frans – If I Were Sorry) is an absolute anthem and so is the whole of Metro Station’s debut album –  judge me.

Ally – Lana Del Rey – Sad Girl, no even guilty.

11. If you could play a gig anywhere in the world, where would it be?

You can’t beat a British festival.

12. Other than playing them, have you been/or are you going to any festivals this year?

Megan – I went to T in the Park on the Friday. It was probably the worst day for the lineup but the weather was good for once and I finally got to see The Stone Roses live.

13. Do you like or dislike marmite?

We all agree that Marmite is brutal but Ally says mon the Twiglets.

14. Any pets?

Ally has a dog

15. What’s your favourite album of 2016 so far?

The Last Shadow Puppets – Everything You’ve Come to Expect

Spring King’s debut

Catfish and the Bottlemen – The Ride

DMA’s – Hills End


Sahara’s debut EP is set to be released on July 29th on all major platforms; and as their dedicated fanbase continues to grow, Sahara are seemingly going  to become one of Scotland’s most exciting new bands! You can pre-order the EP here.

You can give them a listen here:

Find the band on social media here:




INTRODUCING: The Seamonsters


The Seamonsters are a six-piece, indie-techno-pop, all girl band from Sheffield. They were kind enough to chat to me after releasing their second music video.

How did you all meet, and when did you decide to form?

We all went to a drama group together and decided it would be fun to start a band!

Who would you say influenced you the most as a band?

We all have quite varied music taste but we listen to bands like the wombats for inspiration.

How would you describe your sound?

Indie and glitter!

We’ve seen your YouTube channel (great videos by the way!) but is your music available on any other platforms?

Thankyou! Yeh, we’ve got four songs on soundcloud, two of which there’s videos for.

Can we expect any more releases from you in 2016?

Hopefully! We’re recording in summer!

Have you got any gigs coming up in the near future?

We’re playing at tramlines in Sheffield which will be really good and then we have a few more Sheffield dates after summer. Hopefully we’ll be able to play out of Sheffield soon as well!

What’s it like being in an all girl band when it’s something we rarely see in this industry?

It’s pretty cool actually because there’s hardly any all-girl bands and people seem to expect us to be like little mix or something but then they hear and they’re shocked. We get so many people saying they wish there we more all female bands like us. We’ve actually found it to be more of an advantage to us than a problem as it makes us stand out.

Have you gigged much outside Sheffield?

Not yet but hopefully we can soon!

Favourite album of the last 5 years?

Suck it and see – Arctic monkeys
Glitterbug – The Wombats
Stomach Aches – Frnkiero and the Cellabration

Who would be your dream band to support on tour?

Wolf Alice would be really cool or Pale Waves!

If you could play any venue in the world, where would it be?

Rough Trade in New York would be cool or The Roxy, on the sunset strip, LA.

If you could have any superpower what would it be?

I’d be invisible and know everything about everyone or turn everything into chocolate.

Have you got any pets?

Two cats, a dog, a bearded dragon and a corn snake.

Don’t forget, The Seamonsters will be playing Tramlines in Sheffield, so if you happen to be over that way, make sure to go and check them out!

Watch their latest music video here:

We can’t wait to hear more from this band, and in order that you can keep updated; find them on social media here:



London five-piece NAROPA, were kind enough to have a chat with me after the release of their brand new single If Only While I’m Sleeping. We talked favourite albums, new releases, and superpowers.

1. Hello, please introduce yourselves?

[Josh] Hi, I’m Josh, I sing.
[Rosie] I’m Rosie, I play bass.
[Francis] I’m Francis, I play the drums.
[George] I’m George, I play guitar
[Sam] And I’m Sam and I also play guitar.

2. How did you all meet and when did you decide to form?

[George] So, Josh and I went to school together and wrote and played together for a couple of years before we met Sam, who was in another band, and we hit it off straight away and started jamming together. We knew pretty quickly we wanted to form our own band because there was so much chemistry between us, so we all decided to go to university in London, in the hope that we would meet a bassist and drummer and within a fortnight of being in London we had met Francis and Rosie and it all just came together to be honest.

3. Who are your main influences as a band?

[Sam] There are too many influences to name. We’re surrounded by influences! We all come from different places musically and all have our own influences, but collectively I’d say probably The Stone Roses, Mystery Jets, Girls, Blur, The Cribs, The Smiths, The Maccabees. Lots of stuff like that, but also loads of weird stuff. Classical music, disco, folk, soul; things like that too.

4. How would you describe your overall sound?

[Sam] We want to have something to say for ourselves. Talk about universal things that touch people like love and loss, and talk about how unsatisfactory being young and living in the 21st Century is because we’re all too impatient, obsessed with celebrities and glued to our phones and TV’s. Josh sings in quite a high register and has a great range, which works really nicely with the shimmery guitars. We try to make sure the guitars are always intertwining and resulting in really bright, infectious melodies.
[George] The real driving force of the band is the rhythm section though, the basslines are funky, warm, and melodic, which works perfectly with Francis’ frantic, syncopated drumming style.

5.So you’ve recently released a new single, where is this available to stream/download/buy?

[Josh] Pretty much everywhere. It’s on Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Google Play, all of them, even Tidal. Jay-Z hit us up personally about putting us on Tidal.
[Sam] He didn’t.
[Josh] He did.

6.Have you got any other releases in the pipeline?

[Rosie] We’re going to get back in the studio to record the follow up hopefully in October-time. We’re always thinking ahead about where we want to be and what we want to be doing a few months from now and it feels natural to be writing a lot, rehearsing a lot and progressing naturally over time. Hopefully you’ll be able to hear that in the follow up single and at future gigs!

7.Any gigs coming up in the next few weeks?

[Francis] Actually our last gig was on 1st July, we’re going back into the rehearsal room over summer to write loads of new material and hopefully lay down some more demos. We’re going to Wales for a week which will be cool, we want to spend the next couple of months writing loads more stuff and getting it really tight so that we can come back in September with a bang and be ready to make the next step up.


8. What’s your all time favourite album?

[Sam] David Bowie’s The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.
[Rosie] Demon Days by Gorillaz.
[Francis] The Chronic,Dr Dre.
[Josh] Morrison Hotel by The Doors, or Album by Girls I think.
[George] Not the best, but probably my favourite, Up The Bracket by The Libertines. Not my favourite, but one of the best, Transformer by Lou Reed

9. If you could have written any song, what would it be?

[Francis] Hotel California!
[Josh] The Weight by The Band, or American Pie by Don McLean. Either one of those.
[Rosie] Something like Heroes by Bowie, or London Loves by Blur.
[Sam] I Am the Resurrection by The Stone Roses.
[George] I’m undecided. Either I Want You (She’s So Heavy) by The Beatles or Since I’ve Been Loving You by Led Zeppelin.

10.If you could support anyone on their tour, who would you support?

[Josh] Bon Jovi, definitely.
[Rosie] Probably Wolf Alice, I think.
[Francis] Modest Mouse!
[Sam] Foals, for sure.
[George] Palma Violets, or Mystery Jets. Either would be incredible.

11. If you could have any superpower what would you choose?

[Sam] I’d have four arms with extra stretchy fingers for ultimate shredding capabilities.
[George] I’d have the power of metamorphosis, and just change into loads of different animals all the time.
[Josh] Super enlightenment.
[Francis] Flying. That would be sick.
[Rosie] I’d be time travel, I think.

12. Finally, describe the single in a few words.

[Rosie] Groovy baby!
[Josh] Future indie disco heavyweight.
[George] Sexual. Emotional. Intense.

Don’t forget, Naropa’s single If Only While I’m Sleeping is now available to listen to, or even buy on a number of platforms, why not give it a listen?

Find the band on social media here: