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The Blems 3

THE BLEMS are an up and coming three-piece band from Leicester; their music reminds me of the likes of The Streets, Ratboy and even Blur to an extent. The lads were nice enough to answer a few questions for me in an interview, have a read below.

1. Hiya, introduce yourselves?

YO! We’re The Blems and we’re from Leicester, we consist of Jake (Vocals, Bass), Robbie (Rhythm Guitar), and Felix (Lead Guitar).

2. How, and when did you form?

Myself (Jake) and Robbie actually met on a bus on our way to town, basically some prick parked their car right in the centre of the road and the bus couldn’t get past and he refused to move his car. So basically the bus driver said if anyone wants a fag nows your chance as we’re gonna be here a while so I got off and then Robbie followed and we just got chatting and arranged a jam which went on to form The Blems. Then Robbie knew Felix through college and said he was a sick guitarist so we got him down to jam with us and it all just had good chemistry, weirdest origin story ever hahaha.

3. Who are your main influences?

We all have such a love for loads of artists over a massive variety of genres but as a band we would say our top influences are Arctic Monkeys early stuff, Jamie T, The Streets and Blur.

4. Have you got any more releases in the pipeline?

Yes! We are hoping to release our first EP real soon but as we are doing all our own production its taking a little longer to get it all done, alongside having jobs and still being in education. However we are all working hard at every opportunity we have to get it all recorded and sounding as class as possible.

5. Any gigs lined up?

We have recently started rehearsing a lot to hopefully be able to start gigging this summer, however at the minute we are all investing a lot of time into recording the EP.

6.Who are your favourite band of all time?

Jake: The Clash
Robbie: The Libertines
Felix: Catfish and The Bottlemen

7. All time favourite album?

Jake: The Streets- A Grand Don’t Come For Free
Robbie: Arctic Monkeys- Whatever People Say I Am, Thats What Im Not
Felix: Green Day- American Idiot

8. Noel or Liam?

Robbie: Liam
Felix:  Noel

9. If you could play a gig anywhere in the world, where?

Jake: Leeds Fest
Robbie: Leeds Fest
Felix: Leeds Fest

10. If you could support any band or artist, who?

Jake: Gorillaz or Blur (whoever reforms first)
Robbie: Jamie T
Felix: Green Day

11. If you could pick any superpower to have, what would it be?

Jake: Teleportation everyday
Robbie: Being able to fly like Hancock
Felix: Time Travel

12. Have you got any pets?

Jake: Two Rabbits- Anna and Elsa (swear it was my mums idea haha)
Robbie: Two Dogs- Molly and Murphy
Felix: Two Dogs- Stuffy and Kacey

13. Describe the bands sound in 3 words.

Judging by a lot of comments we have received: ‘Music mum’s hate’.
The Blems 2
So far The Blems have two singles, Vice and Tracey; and with an EP in the pipeline, it’s sure to be an exciting couple of months for the band.

Follow them on social media here:

This One – Luna Rosa

Corby four-piece LUNA ROSA have recently released an EP, including a brand new single This One (High On The Groove).


I spoke to the band prior to the release to find out more.

1. Hello, introduce yourselves?

Hello, we’re Luna Rosa.

  • Cole O’neill – Drums
  • Kieran Maguire – Bass
  • Darren Myles – Guitar
  • Rory McDade – Guitar/Vox

2. How did you meet?

We were all brought together by a mutual friend, Adam “Noisemaker” Binley. He was having his annual wig out party down at blossom bay. After a few games of pass the peace parcel, we felt a strange togetherness. He took the four of us aside and told us we must venture on a journey together “The tides are rising, only the moon will remain” he said…or some shit like that. So we met the next day and wrote a song called Hybrid Polynesia.

3. So you have a single coming out later this month, who would you say influenced this?

We listen to every style and type of music we can, try not to limit ourselves to much. We made This One quite quickly we wanted to make a big sounding song that people could move to. And they do! but to pinpoint an influence is quite hard.

4. Any other releases in the pipeline?

We’re hoping to get back in the studio during August to do a new E.P. We’ve got to write the songs first though!

5. Where will the single be available to download/buy?

There are still some physical copies of the E.P left, but the single will only be available to download via Bandcamp, iTunes etc.

6. How would you describe your sound?

Oh thats hard, an eclectic mix of raucous soaring sounds mixed with gentle moments. God knows, we just play!

7. First album you bought?

Led Zeppelin – Early Years compilation

8.Favourite single of all time?

Too many to choose from. No, can’t do it.

9.If you could play a gig anywhere in the world, where would it be?

The Amazon Jungle, see what animals we can attract.

10. What do you listen to as your guilty pleasure?

Sugababes – Overload … Tune

11. If you could support any band who would it be?

Wu-Tang Clan!

12. Have you got any gigs coming up?

  • July 9th – Corby Shire Gathering
  • August 6th – Corby Rocked up Hootenanny
  • August 7th Harlequin Fayre
  • August 12th – Leeds Verve Bar .

And a few more to be confirmed!

13. Finally, describe the single in three words.

Gargantuan pleasure spectrum?

Give the single a listen here:

This One (High on the Groove) is now available to listen to and download, along with the rest of the bands EP.

Find the band on social media here:




INTRODUCING: Glass Mountain


June 10th 2016 will see the release of Bradford four-piece GLASS MOUNTAIN’s EP Glacial. I spoke to the band prior to the release to find out more.

1.Hello, please introduce yourselves?

We are Glass Mountain, from Bradford.
Harry Hanson (Vocals/Guitar)
William Sand (Bass/Keys)
Lewis Johnson-Kellett (Guitar)
Jonathan Newell (Drums)

2.When did you form?

We formed a year ago, Harry and William made music as a pass time when we were free, then we began to take it more seriously and reached out for a drummer, we found Jonathan and then from there carried on writing, the first rehearsal as a three piece was the foundations of our first single ‘Glacial’. Then we were writing songs that needed more guitar and general layering so we asked Lewis to join, and that’s Glass Mountain.

3.What inspired you to make music together?

We all really came together from broken bands, the shock of not being in band and not being musically active scares us, so our inspiration is the safety of playing music together

4.Who are your main influences?

Codeine, Dinosaur Jr, WHY?

5.How would you describe your genre?

Yearn / Sorrow

6.So you’re releasing your debut EP later this month… where will it be available to listen to/download? Will there be any physical copies?

Our Glacial EP due out June 10th will be available on all digital platforms as well as deluxe gatefold CD.

7.Do you have any gigs coming up?

  • June 10th – EP Launch at 360 Club, Leeds
  • June 14th – Temple of Boom, Leeds, supporting Elvis Depressedly
  • September 4th – Bingley Music Live

8.If you could’ve written any song, what would it be?

H: Mint car by The Cure. It’s my ultimate playlist song, no matter what the weather it will put you in a good mood, it shows off Robert Smith’s unique vocals and it’s got the classic cure sound, at least to me anyway, someone else probably thinks it’s shit.
L: Probably Montreal Rock Band Somewhere by Happyness, I remember seeing them play it for the first time and it was one of those moments when you just know this is gunna be your new favourite band, it’s poignant and moving, just perfect songwriting.
W: A Man Needs A Maid by Neil Young. It’s possibly the saddest song; it’s a story about a guy being so hopelessly lost, vulnerable and needing someone to just provide for his most basic needs, like cook his meals and go away. It’s a heartbreaker and the orchestration is perfect.
J: Cutting My Fingers Off by Turnover. I only got introduced to them earlier this year but I’ve had the album on repeat ever since. I can relate to this particular song on a personal level, I just close my eyes and reminisce.

9.What’s your all time favourite album?

H: In The Cold Wind We Smile – The Xcerts. I have never been so drawn in to an album from a band i didn’t know on the first play. I still remember hearing it for the first time, that really was the foundation of how i approach writing on guitar.
L: I always find myself coming back to Pinkerton by Weezer, It’s so raw and personal and full of hooks, It’s self produced with engineering from Dave Fridmann too so it’s got that amazing trashy drum sound all over it.
W: White Album by The Beatles, or Fugazi – In On The Killtaker. Either of those would see me right for the rest of days.
J: This question is particularly hard for me as there are too many great albums to choose from, it depends on my mood I guess… But Led Zeppelin IV is a strong contender, mainly because the end of ‘Rock & Roll’ turned my world upside down when I was 16 years old. In Rainbows by Radiohead also harbours a special place in my heart.

10.Oasis or Blur?

H: Blur straight up.
L: Blur every time, no-one in Oasis makes their own cheese and I can’t stand the Lad Culture associated with them.
W: Without even a moment of doubt, Blur. They’re an art school band, coming at the music making process from a better angle. They’ve never descended into Slade / pub rock territory.
J: DUH! BLUR! Damon Albarn is a dude. I love the fact that he went onto create Gorillaz. He’s also worked with some of my favourite hip hop artists such as Del Tha Funkee Homosapien and De La Soul.

11.If you could support any band on tour who would it be?

H: I’d love to play with Codeine, i got into them far too late and they sadly disbanded before i got the chance to see them, i have watched plenty of videos filmed on phones at their shows and it looks incredible. They are a real no nonsense band, turn up plug into minimum equipment and just play the music they know how, i love that, watching them on tour would teach me a lot i think.
L: My Bloody Valentine, the sheer volume would probably drive us all insane eventually but atleast I can snoop around and find Kevin’s secrets to his guitar sound.
W: The Cure. They play giant venues while keeping it down to earth and ego-free. And I think their fans would get what we are about, hopefully!
J: Death Cab For Cutie, they write amazing songs, they’re a real tight band and Jason McGerr is an absolute beast on drums. I’d get to stand at the side of the stage and drool over his tasty grooves, which would totally be tour worthy.

12.Finally, describe the EP using one word?

H: You saved the hardest question until last haha, ‘done’, if we spent longer it would be too polished and that would ruin it i believe. So it’s ‘done’ to us and it feels good having a date to bring it out.
L: Evocative.
W: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. We spent about a year making our debut EP and both the experience and the finished results are too wide to sum up with just one actual real word.
J: Precious. Hearing the parts grow and turn into songs, then listening to the mastered mixes for the first time was an amazing feeling.

Glacial EP will be out on June 10th, and is available to preorder here

Follow the band on social media:




Cascading Elephants announce Hectic Matter tour

Baltimore electronica project CASCADING ELEPHANTS have announced a string of US tour dates. I spoke to the man behind it all to find out more.

1. Hello, please introduce yourself.

Hi, I’m Ben Parker. I play some of the weirdest electronic music you’ll ever hear under the name Cascading Elephants. I am way too into music and live in Baltimore for now. I’ll be moving to Louisville in August.

2. What inspired you to start making music?

When I was five my grandpa played me a Beatles album and I’ve been an addict ever since. Their album Abbey Road gave my five year old self a new perspective on what music could be and what forms it could take. From there I began taking guitar and piano lessons and played in a local rock band. The band was very dysfunctional and we could never agree on anything. In 2012 I quit the band and began Cascading Elephants as a solo project to explore my fascination with electronic sound manipulation.

3. Who are your inspirations?

I’d say my biggest influence is Animal Collective. I love how they are constantly evolving their sound and never settle on a particular style. It seems like fewer and fewer bands today are interested in progressing themselves as artists, so I really admire Animal Collective for going against the grain.

There’s a producer from Boston called Oneohtrix Point Never that I’ve been really into lately. He makes some of the most mind boggling, tripped out music I’ve ever heard and I absolutely love it.

4. So, you have a tour coming up… is it your first?

The tour this summer is my first. I haven’t toured before this because I didn’t have the resources to make it happen in the past. I was lucky that the stars kind of aligned for me this year: I have a working car, 3 open months in-between high school and college to do something, and a fan base.

This tour is a complete DIY effort. It’s self funded and I don’t have a booking agent so I literally did everything myself; assembling the CD packaging, writing & mailing press releases, booking the shows and everything in between.

5. What are you most excited for?

I’m most excited about meeting my fans in person on tour. Since I’ve never toured before, Cascading Elephants has only really existed on the Internet. I hear from people from all walks of life online who say how much my music means to them, so it’ll be nice to put faces to some of the names.

6. Can we expect more material from you anytime soon?
I’m going to begin recording a new album this summer in between the shows. I’m aiming to explore drone and ambient music in depth, and somehow combine it with the raw energy of punk music. I have no idea where this concept will take me but it seems like a cool place to start.

7. Who are some of your personal favorite artists?

There’s this band from Baltimore called Ed Schrader’s Music Beat that I really enjoy at the moment. They’re too abrasive to be pop but too weird to be punk, but they’re not pop-punk. They’ve pretty much invented their own breed of Lo-Fi music and Ed is by far the most hilarious person I know.

I recently saw this singer-songwriter from Nashville called Hushabye Baby at a house show. Her voice is gorgeous and she has some serious songwriting talent too.

8.If you could play any US festival, which would you pick?

If the opportunity presented itself, I’d love to play at the Windjammer Festival in Baltimore. It’s an annual benefit for Baltimore City music education programs and last year’s line up was phenomenal: Future Islands, Beach House, Dan Deacon, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Bond Street District and Romantic States. They only book artists from Baltimore to play and it was by far the favorite festival that I’ve been to.

9. How would you describe your overall sound to someone who hasn’t listened to you before?

I would describe my music as the soundtrack to an underwater dance party where everyone is peacefully tripping. Hectic Matter (my new album) combines elements of drone, noise, pop and house into this psychedelic oddity that I have never heard anyone else attempt. In terms of an artist comparison, imagine if Aphex Twin did a collaboration with Dan Deacon and Tim Hecker.

The tour will consist of the following dates:

  • June 15 – Villain & Saint Bethesda, MD
  • June 18 – Rainbow Records Newark, DE
  • June 24 – The Hippo Hut Baltimore, MD
  • July 1 – Electric Maid Washington, DC
  • July 17* – Velma House Wall Township, NJ
  • July 21 – Metropolitan Lounge Annapolis, MD
  • July 29* – The Raven Inn Towson, MD
  • July 31 – Sherman Showcase Stroudsburg, PA
  • August 4 – Swallow at the Hollow Baltimore, MD
  • August 7* – The Make Space Harrisburg, PA

*please note that marked ones may change.

Released on January 8th 2016, Hectic Matter is the third full length album from Cascading Elephants, and is available to download, on limited edition CD,  and to stream. Being from Baltimore, each song is named after a Baltimore related event. You can give one a listen here.

Find Cascading Elephants on social media here:






INTRODUCING: Mirror Gorillas

Manchester based four-piece MIRROR GORILLAS, released their debut EP Alright Alright Alright on 15th April 2016.

I took the opportunity to ask the lads a few questions to find out more about them, and the EP. 

Who are you?

Harry Willicombe, Sam Butcher, Jamie Slater, and Tim Stamper.

When did you form?

In our first year of university.

Who/what are your main inspirations/influences?

We watch a lot of TV together as a house so a lot of our musical inspiration comes from TV shows such as Sunny in Philadelphia.

For the EP, our main influences were Pixies, Blur, Nirvana and Weezer.

How would you describe your overall sound?

We’ve been described as a A budget Blur because we sound like Blur, but we record everything at home.

We would describe ourselves as surf music for people who’ve never been to a beach.

If each of you had to pick a favourite track from the EP, which would it be?

Butcher – In Love/All Alone

Tim – We Can Still Hang Out (if you want)

Jamie – Do U Wanna Leave Now

Harry – Plz Don’t Go

If you could use one word to describe the EP what would it be?


Are there, or will there be any physical copies available?

We’re looking into vinyl, but we’re not sure we can afford it.

Do you have any gigs coming up? If so, when and where?

We’ve got a gig tonight (20th April) at Gullivers, be there or be square, alright alright alright.

What’s your all-time favourite album?

There’s a few albums i’ll always go back to:

  • Blur – The Great Escape
  • The Libertines – Up The Bracket
  • The Strokes – Is This It
  • The Smiths – The Smiths

If you could support anyone on tour, who would it be?

Kanye West so Tim can become a Kardashian.

And finally, you’re each allowed one super power, what would it be?

Tim’s already got weird super powers where he knows all the tricks of food.

Butcher would wanna freeze time.

Jamie would wanna sneeze acid.

Harry wants the power of the force.

Alright Alright Alright consists of 4 tracks:

1.In Love/All Alone

2.We Can Still Hang Out (If You Want)

3.Do U Wanna Leave Now?

4.Plz Don’t Go

Go and give it a listen when you have the chance, it’s definitely one to get you feeling summery and chilled!

Check out my review of Harry and Tim’s side project – Holiday Home debut EP, Greetings From.

Keep up to date with Mirror Gorillas on their social media: