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NEW MUSIC: CARLOS DANGER takes us on a trip back to the 80s with Neon Daydreams EP

CARLOS DANGER is the latest project by Sam Butcher who takes us on a journey back to the 80s in an attempt to go all in on the sound of 80s pop.

Setting off with his debut release, Carlos’ Neon Daydreams EP has a combination of upbeat tracks as well as other more mellow ones. With this guise being part of a group project named The Taurus; Neon Daydreams aims to be a prologue for this next project.

Bouncy Balls sets the EP off and belongs back in the realms of the Mario Kart 64 soundtrack. Made up of groovy beats and retro sound effects the track gives off a (literally) bouncy and vibrant feel. Track 3, Puppy Love is just as upbeat and similarly belongs on the tracklist of an 80s computer game.

Demarco-esque Blue comes second on the EP and is just over 3 minutes of shoe-gaze psychedelia giving listeners a ride back to the late 80s.

Palm Tree Passion has a funky sound to it with a slightly western edge in parts. As  Butcher’s personal favourite on the EP, he told us:

“I was trying to emulate an 80s cop show/movie theme tune like Miama Vice or Beverly Hills Cop”

Redbone is the final track on the EP which is a cover of the Childish Gambino tune by the same name, a different take on the track, which Butcher described to us as “almost vaporwavey”.

You can stream the EP on Soundcloud:

Sam Butcher has also been involved in other projects including playing lead guitar for indie-rock band Mirror Gorillas & releasing a solo EP back in 2016, find him on social media below:




With the release of their debut track Shake, and more material already well in the works, it’s looking to be a huge year for people pop group GO GRACIOUS.

Emily chatted with the Brixton based band to find out more about them…

Hi guys and welcome to indieblogfest! Could you tell us a bit about yourselves?

Dee: You may or may not be surprised to hear Go Gracious is actually a duo! (loosely based on if the person reading this has listened to our music. If you haven’t I’m not sure what you are waiting for?)

   Dee: I sing and play guitars, I was born in a small town on the south coast called Folkestone; basically as south as you can get without getting wet. Morris, who plays Drums and does a little bit of singing himself, was born in Peterborough. I have only ever been there once and I remember the house we were staying in had no light switches…. all the lights would just automatically come on as you walked in each room. True Story. We now live in Brixton, London and we formed late 2016, so very fresh faced and ready to go.

What made you guys want to start making music together?

Dee: We actually met on tour working for a band called Get Inuit. Morris is their Sound Engineer and I was Tour Managing them at the time. It was around a festival camp fire that Morris asked if I ever played music myself and I had that awkward moment of gently telling him that not only did I play music, he had also seen my band before. So we must have been memorable. After a few sips of Whiskey and a little jog of the old memory (we do see a lot of shows), Morris asked if I’d like to hit the studio with him to rework and produce some tunes. Shake being the first of said songs.

Morris: In my defence, you’d lost about a stone in weight, a pair of glasses and a ridiculous bandana between our conversation and me seeing your band.

What was the idea behind your name?

Dee: Well; first of all who doesn’t love alliteration? It’s the perfectly pretentious platform for professional performance! AM I RIGHT? No but seriously, it sounds really cool to say.

Grace is something that we all lack. I really don’t think you can ever be graceful enough in this world that seems to be falling out from underneath us at an alarming rate. So i say: if you are going through Hell keep going…. I think its really important that if we have to struggle through certain things we do it with grace. Sure, we may sound like hippies but I don’t have a problem with that as long as people know that we are about being good to each other.

Morris: As I recall, I let Dee name the band so I’d never have to answer this question.

So you recently released your debut single ‘Shake’ (Exciting!), have you got anymore material in the works?

Dee: YES! It still feels really weird to be able to say our debut single has finally been released. There’s a lot of hard work and love gone into something that only lasts three minutes, but its a bloody good three minutes ay? We are planning on releasing a three track EP very, very soon…. The progression of the project was always going to be a slow ride for us. Nothing rushed and everything relaxed. Then we released Shake and we received such amazing positive feedback now we are throwing every spare minute we have into our first EP hahaha.

Morris: I’ve got no idea what he’s talking about: I’ve been working on this stuff for months…

Who are some of your favourites bands/artists?

Dee: I could ramble on and on for days about this but ill try my best to keep it short!
The lineage ‘Bruce Springsteen’ left in the East Coast of the states changed my life…..

‘The Menzingers’, ‘The front Bottoms’, ‘PUP’ all give me chills deep into my revolutionary heart! ‘The Smith Street band’ and ‘Camp Cope’ fighting the good fight over in OZ. Seriously if you are a fan of song smithery that will make your soul ignite? Listen to ‘Will Wagner’ from The Smith street band.

More close to home? I really respect bands that can write a huge pop banger but still be cool if you get my drift? Catfish and the Bottlemen, Deaf Havana and The Hunna seriously nail that every damn time!

Morris: I’m also going to do my best to keep this short. It’s a dangerous game to ask musicians about music…

My favourite music changes every other day, but currently I’m really enjoying Spring King; I love their energy and live they are totally disarming by being indescribably nice, and having a confusingly polite stage persona, then smashing you in the face with big guitars and gang vocals.

I’ve recently rediscovered “One Hundred and Thirteen” by a band called Middleman. I’ve still not found anything that comes close to it’s lyrical beauty.
And I’m unashamedly pleased that Taylor Swift is back on Spotify.

Were you particularly influenced by any of these as a group?

Dee: I think the songwriting aspect of Go Gracious; very much so. I have always been in love with the revolutionary vibe and the really comes out of my influences. From a production perspective, what Morris adds is something of miracle to me haha, he makes every song turn into a huge pop masterpiece, I feel like he pushes our sound more towards 30 seconds to Mars and the Killers…. #noregrets. The combination of my blue collar writing attitude and his unbounded take on huge soundscape is what makes Go Gracious.

Morris: I’ll definitely admit to being influenced by This is War. It’s an album that changed how I thought about music. And I definitely have more of a pop sensibility than Dee. When the 2 of us started Go Gracious, we did so without any boundaries in terms of style or instrumentation, so I took influences, in varying degrees, from pretty much everything I’ve every listened to. It sounds odd to say but my biggest influence is probably Dee, because I’m always working from his starting point and expanding from there.

What are your hopes for the future?

Dee: I think success is absolutely subjective, but my hopes are honestly to be able to play music in front of as many people as possible. Go around the world twice and talk to everyone once….. also it would be pretty good to have a live horns section. Who doesn’t want horns?

Morris: I like to measure success in terms of memories, rather than anything as crude as money. If the music we make can improve just 1 person’s mood, I’ll feel like it’s been worthwhile. That being said, I’d love to be able to make music and generate enough income to not die too. We can have a conversation in private about the horn section.

If you were going to space and could only take 3 things with you, what would you bring?


1. The complete collection of Indieblogfest back catalogue printed so I have something to read 😉

2. Probably a guitar. So I can serenade Morris which will absolutely ruin space for him.

3. A framed picture of Justin Timberlake….. on the odd chance I am the first contact with Aliens there is absolutely no way I would reply to the obligatory “Take us to your leader” with “Oh, well, his name is Donald Trump and um, well, I have a lot to explain”. So I will be rewriting history and naming JT the leader of the free world and Commander-in-Chief and there won’t be a single earthling there to stop me.

Morris: Do I have to go with him?! Ok…

1) Earplugs; to cope with the incessant serenading.

2) A gag; because there is no way I’m letting Humanity’s first introduction to an Alien race come from him.

3) A jacket; in case it’s cold.

Describe your sound in a few words!

Dee:  Feel good groove, infectious melodies, with a blue collar punk sensibility! Think Bruce Springsteen’s English love-child raised in Las Vegas.

Morris: Sounds like 2 fools with extremely limited musical ability took on an ill-advised, entirely limitless project with a handful of decent ideas, a few excellent acquaintances, and no shortage of passion.

Thanks guys for taking the time to answer our questions!

Shake is an up-beat, feel good tune led largely by guitars, but with elements of driving percussion. Sink your ears into it below:

Keep up to date with the bands releases and gigs:


NEW MUSIC: Debut Release For Student Band ‘The Gallery’

Wakefield five-piece ‘The Gallery’ have just released their infectious double A side debut single today, featuring the tracks Daddy’s Car and Go Twice, showing their musical clout already by tackling different sounds in each track.

For the die-hard indie kids who like their music with a side of twangly guitars and Arctic Monkeys-style lyrics circa Whatever People Say I Am…, Daddy’s Car is the track for you: fresh, witty, Northern; all the things guaranteed to cement you a place on people’s playlists! Being an A level student myself, the lyrics are super relatable, as I’m sure we’ve all come across people just like the subject of the song, who act like they own everything, but still end up with “F all A*s”.

As for Go Twice, this is a grittier tune, with heavier guitars, a killer intro and angsty vocals, but still carrying the same recognisable sound (quite the feat to establish in a mere two tracks). For a band of 18 year-olds, the tune of this, well, tune sounds like the sort of thing you’d hear on a track made by people with double their musical experience: it has the quality of a sort of instant classic, an unforgettable guitar sound that you swear you’ve heard before, it’s that catchy.

However, for such an up-and-coming band, they’ve already supported the likes of Pretty Vicious, Clay, The Academic and October Drift and they’re adding onto to their live gigging experience with sets at Live at Leeds and Tramlines Festival. I would say, watch this space.

Click below to follow the band on their social media:




NEW MUSIC: Mac Benson to release brand new single

On April 20th indie-solo artist Mac Benson is set to release a brand new, two part single; he chatted with us in a small Q & A ahead of the release to tell us more… we talked desert islands, dream collabs and doggos…

Hiya Mac! Firstly, can you tell us a bit about you?

Sure. I’m 17 and from the North of the U.K and I’ve been writing songs from around aged 14.

Is your music all produced/performed by you?

Yes, all the music I make is written and recorded in my bedroom. I usually am 100% self produced.

How would you describe your sound?

As of recently my ‘sound’ has changed quite a lot. My first EP was heavily inspired by Lo-Fi and Indie music but in the time between making my first EP and making new music I’ve become quite influenced by Indie Folk stuff and film scores too. I would describe my sound now as calm, quiet and minimal.

So you’ve got a single coming out on Thursday, can you tell us about it?

The single is 2 tracks the first is called ‘The Cosmos’ and the second is called ‘Yellow Light’ which is kind of a little b-side. They’re both quite similar in terms of sound, to me they sound like spring, the sun and childhood days at the seaside. They’re perfect for anybody who listens to music as a means of temporary escape or to feel calm.

What was the inspiration behind the track?

The first track, ‘The Cosmos’ is inspired by friendship and love, as many of my songs usually are. Lyrically, the song is very visual, I wanted to write something that was descriptively detailed and beautiful. The second track, ‘Yellow Light’ was written in the very early hours of a morning, i was laying on my bed looking at the light from my lamp glaring across the wall, everything was silent, I thought it was beautiful and would make a nice concept for a song. As I continued working on it into the next day, writing the different verses, the song moved away from that concept and started to become a song about how its very easy (especially at the age or stage of life I am at) to feel very isolated and wanting to break away from that feeling and experience freedom.

Can we expect any more material from you in 2017?

I am currently working on something which these 2 tracks will be a part of, whether it will be another EP or a full length I’m not sure, I’ll just have to see how much material I make that I’m happy to put out.

Can you tell us some artists you’re particularly enjoying listening to right now?

Right now I’m listening to a lot of Folk and Indie Folk artists like Father John Misty, Florist, Angel Olsen and Big Thief which are having quite an influence on the kind of music I’m making myself. For a while now I’ve been into music with an electronic feel such as SOPHIE, Porches, Maggie Roggers, Soft Hair and Blood Orange.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would you pick and why?

I’d love to collaborate with Emily Sprague of Florist, her music is so beautiful and perfect, I think she’d be the perfect person to have produce the kind of music I want to make. I’d also love to collaborate with Clem Creevy of Cherry Glazerr and Tyler, The Creator, they’re both incredibly talented musicians who I respect massively.

You can pick 3 CDs to take to a desert island with you, which ones would you take?

That’s a hard one, I would probably take ‘Apocalipstick’ by Cherry Glazerr, ‘Girl Talk’ by Kate Nash and ‘Half Way Home’ by Angel Olsen.

Are you more of a cat or a dog person?

Definitely dog. Dogs are so pure and beautiful.

What are your hopes as an artist for the next few years?

I’d really like to start playing gigs, it’s something I’ve always been very anxious about but now that I’m starting to grow in my ability to write songs and am happy with what I’m making, I want to start to share that in a live environment. Possibly not in the next few years, but in the long run I just want to make creating music my full time job and continue to make music that people connect with.

Finally, we’ve spoken a bit about bigger artists but can you recommend any newer, up and coming acts for us to check out?

Sure, my friend Matt Autieri (who’s from Philadelphia)  has been putting his own stuff up on Soundcloud for about a year now, he’s amazing at everything he does. In terms of people more local to me this guy Nathan Mcpartlan is putting out some new stuff soon I think, he seems pretty cool, he makes really nice electronic music, my friend Ewan Devenay has started writing songs which I hope he’ll put out soon, they’re great, and Daniel Brown (Empty Rooms) is a great guy and he’s working on stuff at the moment too.

Thanks Mac, and best of luck with the release!

You can check out Macs debut Hot Water Bottle EP on his Bandcamp, and the new tracks will be available as of Thursday.

Twitter: @macbenson_

Track Review: QTY ‘Ornament’

New York’s QTY yesterday released their latest single ‘Ornament’, an exhibition of songwriting quality that strikes shades of early Julian Casablancas.

The intro immediately casts my mind to Blur’s ‘Tender’, until the complimenting sound of vocalist Alex Niemetz and the deeper tone of Dan Lardner. Alex sounds like she belongs in a fiery Wolf Alice and their signing with Dirty Hit previous to their first live performance, which came about much later in the process than many other bands. They’ve recorded two of their songs in London.

‘Ornament’ is given its kick with a shuddering drum backbeat, built upon with a lead guitar that I’ll say again, wouldn’t be out of place on ‘Is This It’.

Alas, they’ll provide much needed lyrical distraction for those over the pond, should they appear in the UK any time soon, fans of Noah and The Whale might also be interested, should you fancy Lisa liking brandy and the way it hits her lips, except Lisa is in leather and the brandy is a quad.

Listen on YouTube.

INTRODUCING: Strangewave

Indie-rock quartet STRANGEWAVE are set to release their brand new single Out All Night later this month.

The Brighton band led by Darius Zaltash chatted with us ahead of the single release, along with revealing details of their next few gigs & even touching upon where their name idea came from. Check out what they had to say…

Hiya guys! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves? 

[Darius]: So I moved to Brighton from Reading for Uni in September, met Stewart as he’s my housemate and straight away we wanted to work together, Stewart and Harry used to be in another band back in Maidstone and so did I back in Reading. Although it was fun both bands weren’t really going anywhere so we thought why don’t we give it another crack here.

[Luke]: I’m from Burnley and moved Brighton for the same reasons really and I’m on the same course as Stew so he said come for a jam one day, we’re looking for a new guitarist and here we are!

 Where did your name come from?

Saw it on the back of a dolphin.

What artists influence you?

[Harry]: Too many! I’m rating The Orwells at the moment though.

[Darius]: Our influences come from all over the place but I’m really digging the new Palm Honey EP, they’ve just got a wicked sound deffo check em out!

[Stew]: I’ve been listening to a lot of Dinosaur Pile-Up, they just sound so grungy I love it.

[Luke]: – Picasso is still decent tbh.

So you’ve got your first single coming out soon (exciting!!), can you tell us a little bit about it? 

[Darius]: Yeahh boii, so the single is called “Out All Night” and it is about exactly that to be honest! I took a trip to Budapest last summer with some of my closest friends and it ended up being one of the craziest experiences I’ve ever had! Met some of the best people so the song is kind of a tribute to those 10 days if that makes sense, I think its got a kind of “you and your mates vs the world” vibe aswell which is cool.

When will the track be released and where will it be available to download/buy?

[Stew]: The song is coming out next month and will be released on Apple Music,Spotify and Soundcloud.

What gigs are you going to be playing in the near future? 

[Luke]: Our next gig is at Bleach on the 16th of March with Sisteray and The RPM’s, then after that we’re playing Jumanji’s single launch party at The Hope and Ruin on the 19th of April which looks like its gonna be huge! The rest is all hush hush for now.

Who would you say is the funniest in the band?


Have you guys got any gigs you’re attending in the near future?

[Harry]: Maybe Jagwar Ma

[Darius]: Seeing The Amazons at Patterns next month, they played a gig in my house once back in Reading and been a huge fan of their work ever since!

Are you more of a cat or dog person?

[Harry]: Cat

[Darius]: Dog

[Stewart]: Cat

[Luke]: Cat

Do any of you have pets?

Harry has a cat, Stewart has a bunny.

Did you have any New Years resolutions and have you stuck to them?

Not that we can remember haha!

Favourite album of all time?

[Harry]: Nevermind

[Stewart]: the hurting by Tears For Fears

[Luke]:  Wild Cub – Youth

[Darius]: Fortune Drive – A Modern Question.

Cheers guys!

As of yet the band have just one demo track on Soundcloud after forming late last year; you can listen to Run below.

Strangewave are playing a local gig at BLEACH / Brighton on Thursday March 16 along with The RPMs, Sisteray & HAKE. Tickets are available here.


Facebook: @wearestrangewave

Introducing: The Nix. + a brief interview

Introducing The Nix. They are rising band from Stockport with a unique blend of genres noticeable in each of their current songs, which is hardly surprising when you take into the classic rock n roll influences the band has.

I have chatted with the band and here is what they have to say.

Tell us a bit about yourselves?

“We’re a quintet from Stockport consisting of 3 guitarists, 1 bassist and drummer with 2 leading vocalists. 18-20 years young. Spending most of our time gigging around the North west.”

How did you all meet?

“We all met at Cheadle Hulme high school pretty much, when we were about 13-15. Tom and Nathan went to the same primary school and Hayden, Andy and Josh went to another one together. Started playing together in high school and have taken it from there. ”

Where Did the idea for the band’s name come from?

“We were just trying to find random words and put ‘the’ in front of it. We found the word ‘nix’ in a fashion book, thought it sounded cool. Apparently Nix is a German slang word for ‘nothing’. ”

Who are some of your main influences as a band?

“We have a variety of influences cause we all listen to so many different sounds. It ranges from psychedelia, dance and rock n roll.”

What would be your all-time favourite gig you’ve been to?

“We’ve all been to a couple mint gigs together like Tame Impala, The Strokes and Stone Roses. ”

Any upcoming music you’re currently working on?

“Yeah funnily enough we’re actually planning on being in the studio next week getting down some new tracks that hopefully will be out soon. ”

What’s your favourite record to listen to?

Andy:  “Nas – Illmatic”

Hayden:  “Frank Ocean – Blonde”

Tom:  “Radiohead – In Rainbows”

Josh:  “My Morning Jacket – Z”

Nathan:  “David Bowie – The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars”

What’s your current favourite track you’ve recorded?

“Fear of Change”

What are the bands plans for 2017?

“Our plan is to gig massively and build a wider audience and try and get our music played on major radio stations to get people behind our tunes. Also to record more tracks and release them on music platforms so people have more to listen to.”

How would you describe your bands sound for people who haven’t discovered you yet?

“That’s a pretty hard one. We always have trouble with this question when it’s asked. At the moment it’s a pretty spacey groovy but it fluctuates between our influences.”

And finally any festivals or gigs you guys have lined up for this year?

“Our main gig to look forward is our double bill with our good mates Dantevilles, playing 2 nights with them at Jimmys. Can’t wait for that. We’ve got talks for more gigs over the summer so you’ll have to keep posted on our social media”

Make sure to follow the band’s social media to keep updated and check them out on spotify and soundcloud to hear what they have to offer. Including their latest track and the bands favourite “fear of change”.

Twitter – @thenixband

Facebook- The Nix

Instagram – @thenixband

Featured image sourced from the bands Facebook

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Introducing: Dantevilles

Manchester four-piece Dantevilles Released their new single Graffiti on the 02/13/17.

For those that don’t already know, Dantevilles are a four-piece indie band from Manchester consisting of members Connor Mcnicholas(bass and vocals), Jamie Gallagher (guitar and vocals), Paul Tanton (lead guitar) and Cory Devine (Drums).

With musical inspiration from such iconic bands as The Smiths, The Maccabees and The Stone Roses, this energetic young band is sure to follow in their footsteps.

Since they first appeared on the scene in 2014 with their first performance, they quickly showed their party vibe and fun style which has been present in every song released so far. In 2015, they released their first EP Tight Lips. With an upbeat and bouncy sound, they are never shy to show their groovy riffs which clash beautifully with their incredible vocals. No matter how you’re feeling this band is sure to get you up and dancing along.


Graffiti is a fast paced and bouncy tune along similar lines to The maccabees and Little Comets. Showing off the bands stunning riffs, steady beat and the superb vocals of both Connor and Jamie, showing their incredible vocal range. All of this combined gives a fantastic vibe and makes this vital song for everyone’s playlist.

When it comes to meaning the band state “Graffiti’ is all about escapism. The actual art form of graffiti is about expression with the ability to stay discrete. It’s something completely original, individual and non-conformist… The song is about standing out above everyone else.”

This song is set to be the rumored first of a string of singles to be released later this year, but until then we will need to wait.

This track along with the bands earlier stuff is currently available on Itunes and Spotify.

Dantevilles are also heading out to do a string of shows soon. Catch them here:

25 Glasgow Mcchuills
26 Birmingham The Sunflower Lounge
30 Stowmarket John Peel Centre
31 London The Rocksteady

Southampton Joiners
Manchester Jimmy’s NQ
Manchester Jimmy’s NQ

Featured image courtesy of Glass Butter Beach

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One to watch-Elizabeth Pickering

If you haven’t heard yet, Hull is this year’s City Of Culture. However it is not just the fantastic events that are occurring over the city during 2017 that is attracting thousands of new visitors, but it is Hulls emerging bands and artists that are putting this under-rated city on the map.


A lot of Hull bands are given a lot of recognition by the press and social media recently, yet it is not often that we heard of some of the up and coming solo artists that Hull has to offer, one of these being the 17 year old singer and guitarist, Elizabeth Pickering. Despite only being 17, this student has accomplished so much in so little time; having already sang live on Beverly Radio, played at Hull’s notorious Humber Street Sesh and performed at almost every venue in Hull, the time has come for Elizabeth Pickering to be recognized as one of the cities most talented and gifted emerging soloists.


It is not only Elizabeth’s angelic voice and soothing guitar chords that are what makes her one of the most original artists to grace the Hull music scene at the moment, its the sheer lyrical talent and composing skills that this girl possesses. Her music is pure, thoughtful and creative as Elizabeth sings each of her own songs with emotion and passion. One of the artists most popular songs continues to be, ‘Take off you colours’, a warm song in which Elizabeth’s incredible vocal range, wholehearted lyrical writing and skilful guitar playing are really present. Even if you don’t know any of Elizabeth’s catchy and cheerful numbers, her covers are just as unique and individual.


Elizabeth Pickering creativeness and originality is what is getting this girl to the top of the the Hull music scene. It is advised to catch her while you can, it wont be long before this young girl is performing to the masses.


Sarah Oglesby




Kerosene: The new fuel for the RedFaces

The RedFaces are a young indie/alt-rock group who have just released their new single ‘Kerosene’ 

We had a chat with the boys about their new track, their ever-changing influences and their plans for this year.

It’s fair to say the year past was a whirlwind packed with highs and lows which, in retrospect, defined the year. Those who survived 2016 are simply left to pick up the pieces to carry on to this year, in the hope for something better. Thankfully, there’s a band who aim to do just that and are tipped to be one of this year’s true breakthroughs; or as they have been described: “In these dying days, as a brutal 2016 drags itself to a welcome end, guitars can seem rarer than hope. RedFaces are rarer still.”

These young rock n rollers from Sheffield spent last year supporting some of the countries’ top acts, learning their trade the ‘traditional way’ and building their ever-growing fan base. They also performed for sold out home crowds and played a string of summer festivals. Best of all, they have rounded off 2016 by releasing their new, long-awaited, track, Kerosene.

The four lads, (Harry, Isaac, Ryan and Charlie) often joke on social media about their ‘milking’ of their only other release (Katie Come Home); so the fresh music has come as a welcomed new year treat for fans.

The band spoke of the reception the single has received: Brilliant! It’s going really well at the moment, we are so glad to have a new song out for people to hopefully enjoy.”

Kerosene has an intriguingly dark and gritty feel to it which is unrecognisable when sized up against their last song, the boys explained:

“Well Katie Come Home was written a while ago and our influences have inevitably grown and changed so I guess that’s why it sounds different. Also Katie Come Home was only a demo so the production and the sound of the track are different. We feel we have matured and for the better.”

From a young age the band have taken inspiration from the likes of the Beatles and Oasis, however, as they have developed; their spectrum of influencers has progressed; self confessing that they are not resting for a single type of music. The boys said:

“I think we have found a sound that we love but we are always changing, we can’t imagine ourselves just settling on one sound and style for the rest of our lives. We are influenced by bands and writers all the time.”

The youngsters have only just finished their A-levels, however, their accolades surpass some bands who have been around for twice their years.

In 2016 the lads supported both the DMA’s in their Edinburgh show and the Courteeners in their gig at Newcastle. The Sheffield quartet were also included in Spotify’s One to watch playlist and, this week, were featured in Huw Stephens’ BBC Introducing Show.

For this year, the boys will aim to raise the bar even higher, they explained:

We are touring January/February time and with the single out, hopefully we’ll become a bit more established. We hope to have a few more singles out and hit the festival season and do much more than last year. We just plan to do as much as we can!”

Check out their new single Kerosene on Spotify & Catch the RedFaces at one of the following gigs on their UK tour this January/February.

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