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ALBUM REVIEW: Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life // The Wombats

In case you hadn’t heard, The Wombats are back.

They’ve been spoiling us over these last few weeks with singles such as Turn, Cheetah Tongue, and, most recently, Black Flamingo since their initial single release of Lemon To A Knife Fight off this, their fourth studio album.

But now, finally, their album is upon us as of Friday. Three years after their last album was released, was Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life worth the wait?

In short, yes.

The first four tracks on the album are the four singles: instant recognition, guaranteed head-nodding, potential lyric belting (especially on Turn, an indisputable feel-good, sing-along tune). For me, this was a very strong start to the album, although also a bit risky: once these four tracks are over, I am thrust into the album proper, with no hope of an upcoming track whose familiarity I can take comfort in.

It’s lucky, then, that the first unknown track, White Eyes, is catchy as all hell, featuring familiar Wombats-esque playfulness with their new ‘grown-up’ edge which they seem to have adopted for this album, no doubt a consequence of trading in Liverpool for Los Angeles, something which Murphy touches on in I Only Wear Black.

While we’re on the subject of catchy tracks, which by now we all know is The Wombats’ bread and butter, some notable mentions must be made for Lethal Combination, Dip You In Honey and Ice Cream, with all of these tracks having successfully nested into my brain after just a couple of listens, and Dip You In Honey quenching my thirst for some twangly guitars, falsettos and Beatles style riffs.

As far as moodier songs are concerned on this album, you would think I Only Wear Black would be a contender from the title, but this one is surprisingly upbeat and dripping with their usual sardonic lyricism. Instead, I would say their moodiest track on the album is the finale, I Don’t Know Why I Like You but I Do. But, think less Isabel from Glitterbug and more Anti-D from This Modern Glitch. Its lyrics are heartfelt and candid, but the track is still punchy, with the mounting guitars and drums from verse to chorus being one of those things in music that you can’t quite put your finger on. Something about the way the highs and lows marry together, the way the tension builds and the song’s identity transforms from one thing to another creates some sensation that you can’t vocalise. I don’t know why I like it, but I do.



Jewels, a band I introduced to you all a while back, are releasing a new EP with six incredible songs on the 14th of April. I had the pleasure of previewing the EP, and thought it was only right that I did a small review on the tracks and the albums overall feel before its release, as it is such an amazing record.

The first song, ‘Sally’ has previously been released as a single, and is one of the reasons I fell in love with the band. It’s such an ambient song, with the alternative guitar riff, stunning vocals, and heavy drums. ‘Sally’ also promises some brilliant lyrics, based on a ‘real-life’ situation they seem familiar and expressive, almost like you’ve lived Sally’s story or you’re watching it unfold. The sounds on the track work so well together, I can’t stop listening to it!

‘Glow’ is the next track on the EP, one which I think really highlights the vocal talent of Jewels. A lot of things about this song remind me of another great alternative band, ‘Sunset Sons’, as the strong vocals join with the melodic guitar and create something you really want to jump around to. These two songs really set the overall vibe of the EP, the rocky, alternative guitar and drums with amazing vocal lines and indie sounding lyrics.

The third track, ‘Someone Else’ is much more upbeat and fast than the first two; its a proper dancing track (perhaps even one for mosh pits when they perform it live!!) I love the instrumental sections where you can really hear the heavy guitar and drums, this one really goes back to alternative music’s roots and style. This one has the potential to be a favourite of mine, purely because of the surprising last minute of it where the vocals are extremely raw and emotional.

When I first listened to the fourth song on the EP, ‘Can I be a Better Man’, I honestly got chills. It is so perfectly produced with the smooth guitar, heavy drums and the lyrics and vocals that are softer than that on previous tracks making it poignant and reflective. It reminds me slightly of new ‘Sundara Karma’ or indie band ‘Peace’ but has its own creative difference; its not completely like anything I’ve heard before.

The fifth track, ‘London Town’, I knew I would love straight away. It’s so full of passion and emotion, which is something Jewels are so good at conveying. It starts with an amazing acoustic verse and then adds layers of sound, making it so full and rich in sound. The lyrics are so powerful; its a real anthem and one I advise EVERYONE to listen to as soon as the EP is released.

The sixth and final addition to the EP is entitled ‘Leave me alone’, and is a fitting finale to such an amazing record. It goes back to the heavier side of Jewels, the chorus especially, reflecting the pure talent the band have when it comes to each of their instruments. I love the honesty and emotion in this track, its very hard-hitting and again one I can imagine mosh pits involved when its played live!

This EP is honestly one of the most creative and dynamic releases I’ve heard for a long time, and I am grateful to have had the pleasure to preview it. I implore you to listen to ‘Too Close’ as soon as it is released on Friday; its the sort of music you really don’t want to be missing out on. Make sure you follow the boys on their instagram – @jewelsband and keep your eyes peeled for them playing live in your area. With the possibility of them playing Colchester Arts Centre in the future, it looks like this is going to be a good year for Jewels.


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